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Packaging Design is The Best Advertisement

      When it comes to the marketing of new cosmetics, people immediately think of the beautiful publicity of P & G’s Olay on TV and a series of brands mentioned every day on TV, such as Sofitel, little nurse, HOUDY and so on.Packaging Design is The Best Advertisement

       Think of shooting TV advertisements, TV launch and tens of thousands of product trial clothes, and think that only in this way can we effectively communicate with consumers.Packaging Design is The Best Advertisement

Packaging Design is The Best Advertisement

     Huge advertising is economical and efficient for establishing corporate image, conveying product information and improving brand awareness. However, this method is only applicable to leading brands such as Olay and mature market operation, but not for brands just entering the market:Packaging Design is The Best Advertisement

       Huge advertising investment virtually increases the cost of new products entering the market. For every business owner in the highly competitive market environment, half is joy and the other half is panic: whether the product concept is applicable to the market, whether the quality is qualified, and whether the marketing organization is perfect have not been tested by the market. Packaging Design is The Best Advertisement

      Product development, packaging materials, marketing and market development all need huge financial support. Business owners also need to reduce costs and profits to obtain price competitive advantage. At this time, it is obvious that the risk is greater than the opportunity to rashly invest huge advertising fees.

       The market entry of small and medium-sized brands requires direct information transmission to consumers, but the current media composition is more complex and the communication space is not simple. Packaging Design is The Best Advertisement

     We live in an era of “information based purchase decision-making”. With the proliferation of information flow and content, consumers are forced to make a way out of the surrounding information noise.Packaging Design is The Best Advertisement

        Consumers skim the water in this vast ocean of information, integrate the fragments obtained, organize them into some kind of knowledge, and act accordingly. What they know is just enough to cope with use. For them, what they know is the truth. Packaging Design is The Best Advertisement

     Consumers’ superficial approach to information processing makes the information of manufacturers’ products or services must be strengthened and confirmed again at the final purchase and sales collision point, so that the terminal promotion information becomes the last blow to gather information memory and trigger purchase desire.Packaging Design is The Best Advertisement

      With the change of retail terminals and open stores, consumers often ignore brand loyalty.Packaging Design is The Best Advertisement

      In the past, the sales of cosmetics were concentrated in large department stores and specialty stores. When chain convenience stores and supermarkets flourished because they complied with the changes of residents’ structure, large warehouse supermarkets came from behind with the advantages of low price and large batch.Packaging Design is The Best Advertisement

     And the entry of foreign large retail institutions promoted cosmetics from counters to shelves, from the concentration of counters to the opening of self selection, For consumers, the freedom of choice is greater, and consumption is more vulnerable to the temptation of terminal layout and product form.Packaging Design is The Best Advertisement

       For those who pursue individuality, brand transformation has become the basic purchase behavior of cosmetics consumers

      In the new century, the third generation consumer group has become the main consumer, Their economic standards enable them to afford to switch brands more freely (they can throw them away if they don’t fit), he said (she) also pay more attention to personality and unique feelings. Their feelings about brand differences are declining. Packaging Design is The Best Advertisement

     They don’t agree with the preaching of the brand. They are more concerned about whether it has personality, whether it conforms to my taste, and whether it is different. They are the challenger of old brands and the promoter of new brands. Packaging Design is The Best Advertisement

      Small input and large output are the goals we pursue in communication, Domestic cosmetics manufacturers seem to be very superstitious about the road of big media. TV, magazines, outdoor and newspapers are full of large and small cosmetics advertisements every day. Packaging Design is The Best Advertisement

     According to the statistics of advertising in 2000, cosmetics ranked third, and gradually showed the momentum of ranking first in the advertising in 2001. Is this a misunderstanding? Is there any other way out for cosmetics, especially the new products of small and medium-sized enterprises? Packaging Design is The Best Advertisement

      In July 2001, we summarized a new way of communication by practicing the listing of a new brand of a major daily chemical group cosmetics company in China. Here, we provide it to readers to jointly discuss the listing and promotion of small and medium-sized cosmetics brands. R is a new brand launched by the group’s newly established cosmetics company. Packaging Design is The Best Advertisement

     The whole line of products includes Apple vita and mint, with a total of 12 products. Because it is a new brand launched by a newly established company within the group, it lacks strong support in terms of capital, channel and popularity.Packaging Design is The Best Advertisement

      In terms of listing strategy, it focuses on “small input and large output”, which should not only have brand popularity, but also have sales volume.Packaging Design is The Best Advertisement

      Therefore, in terms of communication methods, we exclude the mass media: TV, newspapers, magazines and outdoor, and focus on finding which way can not only save money, but also communicate effectively with consumers directly and promote sales and purchase directly.Packaging Design is The Best Advertisement 

      Based on the in-depth study of China’s cosmetics market and keen observation on the changes of retail formats, we chose the terminal, which can “close contact” with consumers and communicate directly and deeply.Packaging Design is The Best Advertisement

Terminal from the perspective of communication

     Terminal refers to the place where products are sold. It is the last and most important link in the process of product circulation. Cosmetics terminals mainly include cosmetics stores, shopping malls (counters), supermarkets (hypermarkets), etc.Packaging Design is The Best Advertisement

      According to statistics, 70% of the customers who buy products at the terminal have designated brands, and the other 30% have no clear purchase purpose. Packaging Design is The Best Advertisement

     This part of consumers mainly rely on the stimulation of product packaging, pop and other terminal publicity materials and salesperson’s shopping guide to buy;Packaging Design is The Best Advertisement 

      After the salesperson’s strong recommendation, about 25% of consumers who buy the designated brand will change their original intention and buy the recommended brand. This is a very high proportion, so the terminal work is the top priority in the basic work of the manufacturer.Packaging Design is The Best Advertisement

      The terminal is not only the final link of the product sales chain, but also the link between products and consumers. The terminal is also the most effective communication channel in the process of product sales. Good packaging and display can arouse the attention and interest of consumers and users, so as to stimulate their purchase desire; Terminal promotional products:Packaging Design is The Best Advertisement

     Posters, pop, licensing, etc. can inform consumers of effective brand information and in store promotional content; The publicity and recommendation of products by terminal salespeople are more inflammatory and can guide consumers’ purchase behavior.Packaging Design is The Best Advertisement

      Using the terminal, we can directly build and establish the corporate image and product personality in front of consumers, so as to achieve the purpose of one-to-one marketing.Packaging Design is The Best Advertisement

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