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Key Points of Technology in Wireless Binding

Wireless binding does not use iron wire or wire, but glue the book block, which is a binding method from book publishing to automatic completion. The process flow is roughly as follows: the matching page enters the milling back, roughens the upper side glue, coats the book back glue, covers the forming glue, cools the duplex slitting, cuts the finished products, stacks the finished products, checks and bundles the finished products.

Classification of Transfer Printing

As a large producer, whether textiles or other small commodities, are large industries in China, with large quantity and varieties. Transfer printing has broad development prospects in China.

Purchase Instructions for Corrugated Base Paper

In order to attract more consumers' attention, more and more corrugated box manufacturers choose offset printing or preprint (flexographic printing, gravure printing) to make corrugated boxes. However, due to the purchase of "sick" paper, the printing equipment was shut down, the corrugated box scrap rate increased and the customer complaint rate increased, which made the corrugated box production enterprises pay a painful price. Then, what are the paper diseases of the face paper making corrugated boxes (mainly gray background whiteboard, coated kraft cardboard, etc.). 7 What are the causes of these paper diseases? 7. What will be the impact on the printing process if you buy these diseased "paper". 7 in this paper, the author analyzes the common causes of corrugated base paper one by one, hoping to help corrugated box manufacturers identify the advantages and disadvantages when purchasing base paper.

Visual Communication of Packaging Design

The so-called packaging not only has the function of acting as the God of product protection, but also has a positive role in sales promotion. With the fierce market competition in recent years, more and more people are trying their best to make it play the latter role. Japanese scholar yichuzhuo once put forward a principle of "purpose, reason and good".