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Heat Transfer Printing Challenges Flexographic Printing

Flexographic printing is the most widely used printing method in pharmaceutical packaging. But now, heat transfer printing is gradually occupying the flexographic printing market with a rapid offensive. As more and more companies want to become global sellers, in order to meet the requirements of the European market, the product batch number and effective date must be printed on the product package, so the number of language types and common symbols printed on the package also increases. For flexographic printing, to print different information, you need to change the printing plate every time you print, which is very uneconomical. In order to reduce costs, some pharmaceutical enterprises began to use heat transfer printing. Heat transfer printing has the advantages of designable programming, the printing method is not constrained by the printing plate, and can directly call out variable information from the database. Therefore, once used, it quickly replaces flexographic printing.

What is Recycled Paper

The standard of recycled paper has been rising again and again, from the original 25% recycled fiber standard to 30%.

What Paper Does the Newspaper Print On

Commonly known as white newspaper, it is mainly used to print newspapers, periodicals and general books. It is characterized by soft and porous, better plasticity and stronger ink absorption. It can be printed on paper quickly. Both sides are smooth and not easy to fuzz. Both sides are clear in printing and have certain mechanical strength. It is suitable for printing on high-speed rotary printing machine and is opaque. However, the paper should not be stored for a long time.

Application of Water-Based Ink in Corrugated Paper Printing

In the field of packaging and printing, corrugated board printing occupies a large share. With the expansion of packaging market and the continuous improvement of printing technology, the quantity and quality of corrugated board printing have developed rapidly. However, at present, people are considering more and more environmental protection factors, so the ink used in corrugated board printing has become a matter of concern. In corrugated paper printing, the commonly used inks are solvent ink, water-based ink and UV ink.