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What is Recycled Paper

       The standard of recycled paper has been rising again and again, from the original 25% recycled fiber standard to 30%. It is generally believed that the process of artificial circulation will damage the structure of paper fiber, and the water-based hemicellulose and strength agent will be lost accordingly, so as to weaken the strength of paper. However, later studies show that after six cycles, the change of fiber length is also very weak.What is Recycled Paper

What is Recycled Paper

What is Recycled Paper

      Relevant research reports clearly put forward that during the drying process of pulp, the surface area will shrink and some bonding capacity will be reduced. This phenomenon often occurs in chemical pulp. However, the difference is that the lignin of mechanical pulp will be gelatinized during the cycle, which can increase its binding capacity and elasticity, so as to increase the overall strength of the paper.What is Recycled Paper


       Due to the improvement of production technology, many recycled paper manufacturers continue to improve in the production process in order to shorten the log fiber characteristics of recycled paper. For example, in the production process, the strength of the paper will be increased by adding some additives or chemical treatment.What is Recycled Paper

      However, the ink in the paper will not be completely removed, so it will reduce the brightness. In view of this, many manufacturers will add filler pigments to the paper or use different bleaching steps to improve the brightness of the paper.What is Recycled Paper


       From the physical properties of ordinary paper and recycled paper, there are certain differences in surface strength, water resistance and smoothness of paper. In addition, the opacity, brightness and color of the paper itself are also important factors. The recycled fiber of recycled paper will change the brightness of the paper, so the color gamut can be reduced accordingly, but the clarity of the image will not be affected.What is Recycled Paper


      The small editor of China paper network learned that due to the strong advantages of recycled paper in price, consumables and environmental protection, the current utilization rate is also very high, and the major recycled paper manufacturers are constantly improving the color gamut, image clarity and quality of recycled paper, trying to produce better paper characteristics. What is Recycled Paper

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