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New Flexographic Screening Technology

     In the history of modern printing for more than 100 years, screening technology has changed from optical screening to electronic screening 30 ~ 40 years ago, the size of dot has changed from coarse dot to fine dot, and the distribution of dot has changed from regular to irregular random distribution. New Flexographic Screening Technology

     All these technical improvements and reforms have eliminated moire, made the tone more flat, and expanded the scope of printing reproduction. In a word, Its purpose is to improve the printing quality. Correspondingly, however, devices with higher recording speed and resolution must be developed.New Flexographic Screening Technology

New Flexographic Screening Technology

       In order to reduce the low viscosity The ink of (5 ~ 500) is stably supplied to the flexographic plate, and the anilox roller ink transfer system is an ideal printing method. Usually, the anilox roller carves on the ceramic magnetic surface. New Flexographic Screening Technology 

     According to the different mesh holes, there are cubic, conical, diagonal and other shapes. The ink supply and ink retention are calculated according to the different shapes, line numbers, depths, etc. the high-quality ceramic magnetic anilox roller has very strong resistance From the point of view of its processing, laser engraving adopts conventional carbon dioxide laser engraving method and YAG laser engraving method with multiple impacts.New Flexographic Screening Technology

      The latter is the highest preparation method of mesh engraving at present. Each mesh is formed by two blows of laser beam, the first blow is formed, and the second blow increases the mesh depth. Double click the formed mesh, the mesh wall is smooth, and the ink transfer is fast and uniform to ensure the printing quality.New Flexographic Screening Technology

       In terms of its composition, there are two methods for anilox roller inking system, one is to use the roll matching method with very slow peripheral speed, and the other is the scraper method of scraping ink with an ink scraper like gravure printing.New Flexographic Screening Technology

       The scraper installation method of anilox roller has clockwise and counterclockwise methods. Recently, the ink slot doctor blade method has been introduced. New Flexographic Screening Technology

     Two positive and negative doctor blades can not only have good accuracy, but also maintain the ink volume. Due to the use of ink tank, the dispersion and evaporation of ink can be restrained, and the ink can be supplied stably according to the printing speed.New Flexographic Screening Technology

      In recent years, a newly developed graphite carbon fiber material in the aerospace industry is welcomed in the manufacturing industry because of its light and hard properties. The carbon fiber roll core invented in 1994 was soon applied to the anilox roll core of flexo printing, becoming a new generation of more advantageous anilox roll. New Flexographic Screening Technology

      Although the steel roll has been the most preferred material for anilox roll for a long time because of its physical properties, such as strength, machinability and durability, the anilox roll made of this carbon fiber roll core instead of the traditional steel roll core has twice the strength and 1 / 10 the weight of the steel roll.New Flexographic Screening Technology

The anilox roll with carbon fiber roll core has the following advantages after trial:New Flexographic Screening Technology

     Because the carbon fiber anilox roll is particularly light, it is easy to handle in roll changing, reducing the labor force.New Flexographic Screening Technology

     The carbon fiber anilox roll is not easy to be damaged during roll replacement, which can save a lot of expenses for re engraving the new roll.New Flexographic Screening Technology

      In the driving part of the printing machine, the total weight of the carbon fiber anilox roller is 1 / 10 of the weight of the steel roller, which is conducive to reducing the friction between the rollers and improving the service life of the anilox roller, so as to reduce the downtime and improve the productivity.New Flexographic Screening Technology

      When the speed of the printing press reaches 3000 sheets / h, the difference between the steel roller and the carbon fiber anilox roller is even more obvious. The steel core anilox roller has a great jump and can not maintain the field image in its central part, while the carbon fiber anilox roller can maintain the real image on the whole roller surface.New Flexographic Screening Technology

      Although carbon fiber anilox roller is light and hard, its offset is less than 1 / 10 of that of steel core roller. The biggest advantage of this feature is that it greatly improves the printing quality of large flexographic printing press. New Flexographic Screening Technology

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