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Discussion On Modern Packaging design

       Packaging design is an important part of modern commodity marketing. This paper discusses the definition of modern packaging, discusses the principles of packaging printing design based on the functional concept of packaging design, 

      And looks forward to the development prospect of green packaging. It is pointed out that packaging design should keep pace with the times and fully stimulate consumers’ purchase desire.Discussion On Modern Packaging design

Discussion On Modern Packaging design

        Packaging is one of the most important links in modern commodity production and marketing. The quality of packaging is directly related to the value of commodities in market circulation. Discussion On Modern Packaging design

        The original commodity packaging was mainly for the convenience of customers. With the development of market economy, people begin to realize that commodity packaging, as a visual communication tool, is by no means an optional thing, but the face of commodities. Discussion On Modern Packaging design

       Modern commodity packaging is becoming an indispensable part of commodities with its simple and clear shape. Packaging not only endows commodities with unique personality, but also establishes a perfect visual image for commodities. Discussion On Modern Packaging design

      At present, packaging has become the most direct competitive means for commodity manufacturers and dealers. Discussion On Modern Packaging design

       Packaging is the self presentation of goods to customers, and has also become a prerequisite for consumers to judge the quality of goods. With the deepening of China’s entry into WTO, the necessity and importance of commodity packaging are becoming more and more prominent. Discussion On Modern Packaging design           People continue to deeply experience that in today’s economic globalization, only exquisite commodity packaging and high-quality commodities can be concerned and favored by the majority of consumers and win in the fierce market competition.Discussion On Modern Packaging design


1、 Recognition of modern packaging


        Packaging has actually existed since the exchange and circulation of goods. At first, marks and sizes were printed on paper to wrap goods for exchange, which was the prototype of packaging. Today, the packaging function and concept of keeping pace with the times are not the same as before.Discussion On Modern Packaging design

       Packaging not only has the functions of protecting commodities, facilitating transportation, use and promotion, but also shows the soft function of shaping brand image, product image and even developing enterprise image.Discussion On Modern Packaging design

        Image power, Nowadays, it has developed into the fourth resource of enterprise management (human, material and financial resources), and packaging design is one of the sharp tools to develop the image of the enterprise. Discussion On Modern Packaging design

       ① the traditional definition of packaging refers to the convenience of product storage, transportation, beautification and use, but only such understanding seems not to guide us to do a good job in packaging design. If packaging design is only important to products, it means so much to commodities Righteousness becomes necessary. Discussion On Modern Packaging design

       In the era of planned economy, there is only production but no design. Because everything is produced according to plan, there is no competition and circulation of goods, and the main function of packaging is only the protection of products. Discussion On Modern Packaging design

       The development of market economy has changed the way of commodity sales. Market competition, especially the competition of similar products, makes the packaging function play a qualitative change. Discussion On Modern Packaging design

      This change makes the product packaging focus more on the sales function and brand promotion function. The transformation and development of packaging function drive the renewal of packaging visual design, structure and form and even the renewal of design concept. Let’s first understand the modern commodity packaging design through an ordinary carton. Discussion On Modern Packaging design

       A box, a polyhedron, is first used to hold goods. The designer designs the packaging structure according to the properties, size, shape and weight of the product.Discussion On Modern Packaging design

       Of course, the structure should meet the functional requirements of the packaging; It can not only protect the product, make it safely transported, put it on the shelf for consumers to buy, but also make consumers feel convenient when using. Discussion On Modern Packaging design

        The volume capacity of goods makes designers fully consider the mechanical principle and appropriate packaging structure when selecting packaging materials. Protecting products, convenient transportation and convenient use are always the basic functions of packaging design. But this is only to solve the problem of how to “package” products.Discussion On Modern Packaging design

        A more important purpose of modern packaging is to promote sales and establish good brand awareness through the convenience in the use process. Especially in today’s high-speed development of product economy, with the complete change of sales mode, shelf self selection has become the leading mode of sales. Discussion On Modern Packaging design

       The direct communication between products and consumers makes products visible, touchable and memorable. In the face of a wide range of products and the competition between homogeneous products, consumers have more choices when shopping. Therefore, establishing a characteristic commodity brand with visual image is the main direction of modern packaging.Discussion On Modern Packaging design


2、 Functional concept of packaging design


1. Safety concept. Ensuring the safety of goods and consumers is the most fundamental starting point of packaging design. In the design of commodity packaging, the safety protection measures in storage, transportation, exhibition, carrying and use should be considered according to the properties of commodities. Different commodities may need different packaging materials.Discussion On Modern Packaging design

         At present, the materials available include metal, glass, ceramics, plastics, cardboard, etc. When selecting packaging materials, we should not only ensure the seismic, compressive, tensile, extrusion and wear resistance of the materials, but also pay attention to the sun protection, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, leak proof and flame proof of the goods, so as to ensure that the goods are intact in any case.Discussion On Modern Packaging design


2. Promotion concept. Promoting commodity sales is one of the most important functional concepts of packaging design. In the past, when people bought goods, they mainly relied on salesperson’s promotion and introduction, but now supermarkets have become the most common way for people to buy goods. Discussion On Modern Packaging design

       In the process of open shelf shopping, commodity packaging naturally acts as a silent advertisement or silent salesman. If the commodity packaging design can attract the attention of the majority of consumers and fully stimulate their purchase desire, then the packaging design truly reflects the promotion concept.Discussion On Modern Packaging design


3. Production concept. While ensuring beautiful shape, packaging design must consider whether the design can realize accurate, rapid and batch production, and whether it is conducive to workers’ rapid and accurate processing, forming, loading and sealing. Discussion On Modern Packaging design

      In the design of commodity packaging, appropriate packaging materials should be selected according to the attributes, use value and consumer groups of commodities, strive for the unity of form and content, and fully consider saving production and processing time, so as to speed up the circulation of commodities.Discussion On Modern Packaging design


4. Humanized concept. Excellent packaging design must adapt to the storage, transportation, exhibition and sales of goods, as well as the carrying and opening of consumers. Discussion On Modern Packaging design

       Therefore, in the design of commodity packaging, we must make the proportion of box structure reasonable, rigorous and exquisite, focus on the beauty of shape and material, Discussion On Modern Packaging design

      Contrast and coordination, rhythm and rhythm, and strive to achieve the box structure with complete functions and exquisite appearance, so as to adapt to production, sales and even use. Discussion On Modern Packaging design

       Common commodity packaging structures mainly include portable, suspended, open, open window, closed or a combination of several forms.Discussion On Modern Packaging design


5. Artistic concept. Excellent packaging design should also have perfect artistry. Packaging is an art that directly beautifies goods. Commodities with exquisite packaging and high artistic appreciation value are easier to jump out of a large number of commodities and give people the enjoyment of beauty, so as to win the favor of consumers.Discussion On Modern Packaging design  


6. Environmental protection concept. The awareness of environmental protection in modern society has become the consensus of most countries in the world. Discussion On Modern Packaging design

      Under the trend of ecological and environmental protection, only the commodity packaging design that does not pollute the environment and does not harm human health can become the final choice of consumers.Discussion On Modern Packaging design

        Especially in food packaging, we should pay more attention to green package.Discussion On Modern Packaging design


7. Visual communication concept. The essential feature of visual communication is simple and clear. Too much modified content will only cause mutual interference and make the packaging theme difficult to highlight, which will not only affect the visual impact, but also mislead consumers’ thinking. Discussion On Modern Packaging design

       According to the law of visual communication, in the process of commodity packaging design, we should try our best to remove unnecessary visual elements and pay attention to strengthening the visual theme, so as to find out the most creative and expressive way of visual communication.Discussion On Modern Packaging design


3、 Principles of commodity packaging design


      In order to give full play to the promotion function of packaging, commodity packaging design should follow certain design principles. Japanese scholar yizhizhuo once put forward a principle of “eye-catching, understanding and favor”. Eye catching: packaging should play the role of promotion.Discussion On Modern Packaging design

        First of all, it should attract the attention of consumers, because only the goods that attract the attention of consumers can be purchased. Therefore, packaging design should pay great attention to the appropriate grasp of its own “contrast” in the setting of color, composition and pattern. In terms of color design, the strength is simple and bright, and the secondary color is as few as possible, but the contrast between colors should be very clear; Discussion On Modern Packaging design

        The pattern requires exquisite modeling and definite technique; The composition should strive to be complete, generous, stretch and stable. In the design, great attention should also be paid to the appropriate comparison of the design effect between the commodity itself and other surrounding commodities. (especially among similar products). Discussion On Modern Packaging design

       To sum up, commodity packaging design should use novel and unique shapes, bright and eye-catching colors, beautiful and exquisite patterns, and distinctive materials to make the packaging have eye-catching effects and make consumers have strong interest as soon as they see it. Discussion On Modern Packaging design

         Understanding: successful packaging should not only be caused by the use of shapes, colors, patterns and materials Consumers’ attention and interest in products should also enable consumers to accurately understand products through packaging.Discussion On Modern Packaging design

       Because the purpose of people’s purchase is not the packaging, but the products in the packaging. Discussion On Modern Packaging design

      The most effective way to accurately convey product information is to truly convey the product image. Fully transparent packaging can be adopted, windows can be opened on the packaging container to display the product,Discussion On Modern Packaging design

      product graphics can be drawn on the packaging, concise text instructions can be made on the packaging, color product photos can be printed on the packaging, etc.Discussion On Modern Packaging design

         Accurately conveying product information also requires that the grade of packaging should adapt to the grade of products. It is a failed packaging to cover up or exaggerate the quality and function of products. Discussion On Modern Packaging design

      Ginseng exported from China was once packed in gunny bags and cartons. Foreign businessmen suspected that it was dried radish. Naturally, it was understood from this crude packaging grade.Discussion On Modern Packaging design

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