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Digital Printing Knowledge

      In modern society, digital packaging is widely used in packaging and printing industry

Digital Printing Knowledge

        Digital printing is a kind of printing technology that uses digital technology to personalize documents and data, and uses prepress system to transmit graphic information directly to digital printing machine through network to print products. Digital Printing Knowledge

        It covers a variety of technical fields such as printing, electronics, computer, network and communication, and embodies the printing mode of flexible printing volume, diversified and personalized printing products, convenient storage and multiple calls of electronic documents for printing.Digital Printing Knowledge

       Digital printing system is mainly composed of prepress system and digital printing machine. Some systems are also equipped with binding and cutting equipment, so as to cancel the steps of color separation, plate making and plate making.   Digital Printing Knowledge

         It brings printing into the most effective mode of operation: from input to output, the whole process can be controlled by one person, and printing can be started on one sheet. Such a small amount of printing is very suitable for four-color proofing, short version live on-demand printing and multi variety printing with reasonable price. Digital printing embodies the concept of “distribution before printing”. Digital Printing Knowledge

       At present, digital printing is mainly suitable for “on-demand printing” characterized by personalized printing, variable information printing and real-time printing, 

        So it can also be defined as a printing service way to provide users with relevant services according to users’ time requirements, location requirements, quantity requirements, cost requirements and some specific requirements.Digital Printing Knowledge

Characteristics of digital printing

        As can be seen from the above definition, its characteristics are mainly on-demand, timeliness and variability. Specifically, it has the following typical characteristics:Digital Printing Knowledge

1.Printing process is the process from computer to paper or printed matter, that is, the process of directly converting digital documents / pages into printed matter;Digital Printing Knowledge

2. The formation process of the image must be digital, without the intervention of any intermediary simulation process or carrier;Digital Printing Knowledge

3. Print information is 100% variable information, that is, two adjacent printed products can be completely different, with different formats, different contents, different sizes, and even substrates of different materials. If it is a publication, the binding method can also be different.Digital Printing Knowledge

Types of digital printing

          Data printing and in machine direct imaging all belong to the scope of digital printing. Generally, we divide digital printing into several categories: Digital Printing Knowledge

         One is plate free digital printing machine. The advantages of this kind of equipment are mainly manifested in variable data printing, which can realize personalized printing; The other is the direct plate making digital printing machine on the machine. Digital Printing Knowledge

       Their advantage is to optimize the process flow, which is very suitable for the business with a printing number of 300-5000; There is also a digital printing machine using inkjet technology, which is mainly used for a large number of bills, commercial bills, etc. its advantage lies in the low printing cost.Digital Printing Knowledge

 Advantages of digital printing

         Compared with traditional printing, digital printing has incomparable advantages: traditional printing aims at the market of large-scale production and public demand. It can only print a certain number of prints with the same content at a time.Digital Printing Knowledge

       No matter whether the user prints 1000 or 100000, the pictures and texts on the first to the last print are the same and identical. Digital Printing Knowledge

          Digital printing aims at the personalized on-demand production market, and its workflow is: electronic pre printing system → printing → printed matter. It can carry out printing business at any time, any place and any printing quantity; Digital Printing Knowledge

        The color digital printing system can start printing on one sheet to realize the printing of variable data. The image or text on each page can change continuously in one printing, which has greater flexibility, smaller floor area and more convenient use. Digital Printing Knowledge

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