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We commonly see grassian release paperr, in fact, Grassian release paper is isolation paper, he is a kind of paper to prevent prepreg adhesion, but also to protect the prepreg from pollution of the anti-stick paper, and the type of release paper is also divided into a lot, usually divided into plastic release paper and plastic-free release paper, in addition to also be able to be divided into silicone release paper and non-silicone release paper according to the release agent. So what conditions do we have to meet when making release paper?

Grassian backing paper
  1. be able to adhere to the prepreg, but have the ability to easily separate the two.
  2.  it must not react chemically with the resin system or contaminate it.
  3. the elongation of the release paper should be consistent with the fibres after being drawn, thus preventing deformation or distortion of the prepreg during preparation due to the lack of synchronisation of the drawing, although in general the thickness, unit area and mass are not so easy to control precisely.
  4. it has to be sufficiently dense so as to prevent moisture from passing through it and thus entering the prepreg.
  5. The length and width of the release paper remains constant even when the temperature and humidity of the environment changes, thus avoiding wrinkling of the prepreg caused by wrinkling of the release paper.
Grassian release paper

The main characteristics of Grassian release paper are as follows

Grassian release paper for moisture resistance, temperature resistance, etc.

The grassian release paper contains silicone oil, which has a certain temperature resistance, but this mainly lies in the use of the product, and the domestic and imported silicone oil selected. The general temperature of silicone oil can reach about 150 degrees

Chestnut Bag Laminate Paper

Release paper peel force

Peel-off force refers to whether the product can be easily torn off, which of course has a strict test procedure. For small slitting machines, the international standard is currently used mainly. The peel force is measured in grams. Depending on the results of the test, there are generally three procedures, light, medium and heavy release. Light release means that the release paper can be easily peeled off when laminated to the tape guard, while medium release is not very easy to peel off and heavy release is very difficult to peel off.

Cleanliness of release paper

It really means cleanliness and cleanliness of appearance. Because of the different working environments of the paper manufacturers, it is almost impossible to work in a clean room, but in general the better plants have a great advantage in terms of environmental protection and the environment, as these have an impact on cleanliness. The cleanliness of many release liners is not contaminated during the production process. To a large extent, this is due to the fact that during the slitting process, the slitter’s cleanliness is not high, which leads to electrostatic adsorption of dust

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