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Greaseproof paper is made of printable cartoon paper holder

cake paper holder is oil-proof and does not deform!

When cake manufacturers bake cakes, in addition to ensuring the quality and taste of the cake, the outer packaging of many cakes also needs to be applied to the cake paper holder made of printable greaseproof paper, which can not only ensure the beauty of the cake but also have oil proof.cake paper holder

cake paper holder

Current market situation of cake paper holder

At present, the quality of some cakes on the market is poor, which can not meet the printing demand. The cake paper tray style is also single, which is not delicate enough to attract customers. Worse food oil-proof paper can not achieve the oil-proof effect, resulting in cake oil seepage deformation.

Case description

A flying paper and plastic packaging factory has bought a group of cartoon greaseproof paper to us, because the greaseproof paper bought by the flying paper and plastic packaging factory is not only single in style but also poor in oil resistance, which is often complained by customers. The cartoon greaseproof paper holder we provide for the flying paper and plastic packaging factory is printable, diverse styles, high oil grade, no fluorescent agent, to provide customers with exquisite, safe greaseproof paper.

cake paper holder

Their is quite satisfied with the quality of greaseproof paper tray, and their choice of cake packaging is also more diversified. Therefore, in the choice of cake paper holder, or to choose high-quality greaseproof paper, in order to bake high-quality cakes for customers.cake paper holder

We produce and process various specifications of steamer paper, baking paper, pad paper, greaseproof paper, food wrapping paper. Applicable to a wide range of products, rich production experience, and has a professional technical team.

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