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Made with high quality cake trays, foil rolled rim cups

Current market situation of foil rolled rim cups

The current state of the market for foil rolled rim cups.Nowadays, more and more attention is being paid to food safety, not only in the food itself, but also in its packaging. For those who make cakes, they are no stranger to baking trays and now need them too. Here we look at some of the best baking trays currently available.

foil rolled rim cups

Commercially available cake trays are not easily deformed and tend to come loose during baking and use, and some of the elaborately patterned cake trays may also contain fluorescent agents, which are not as easily decomposed as the usual chemical ingredients and are harmful to the human body. So cake merchants should still use quality cake trays for baking.

foil rolled rim cups

Features of our foil rolled rim cups

We often receive enquiries from customers who wish to avoid too many patterns on their bakery cake trays, for one thing because of the fluorescence of the tray, and for another because it is easy to match the colours.
Our foil rolled rim cups are not overly patterned, but are in gold, silver, blue, red, rose gold and rose pink, with accents to make the cups look more stylish.

foil rolled rim cups

foil rolled rim cups

The foil rolled rim cups tray is made of double-sided aluminium foil and is lightweight, with a reinforced rim that is not easily deformed when the cake is left in the air and can be kept for a longer period of time. The folded area of the cups can be pulled out completely and used as a cake tray.

The foil rimmed cups are popular with cake traders because they have the ideal design in terms of shape and material.

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