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Stretch film applications and a huge market

Stretch Film Applications and Markets,application of winding film

Stretch Film Applications and Markets.JAYOSPK stretch film packaging is cost-effective, transparent in appearance, double-sided adhesive, non-toxic, tasteless and safe, easy to use, high efficiency, high buffer strength, good retraction, puncture resistance, tear resistance, longitudinal to transverse stretch ratio of 400% or more.

Stretch Film Applications and Markets,wrap-around film is widely used in

Stretch Film Applications and Markets.Wrapping film can be widely used for packaging of foreign trade export, food and beverage, printing and papermaking, refractory materials, wood flooring, cosmetics, handicrafts, non-woven fabrics, carpets, ceramic electromechanical products, computers, communication products, books and magazines, electronic components, household appliances, chemical raw and auxiliary materials, etc.materials, steel, profiles, wire, aluminum alloy profiles, etc. First of all, it is used in combination with pallets to pack scattered goods as a whole, instead of small containers, which can reduce the transportation and packaging cost of bulk goods by more than 30%.

Stretch Film Applications and Markets,wrap-around film is also widely used for

Stretch Film Applications and Markets.It is widely used in the overall packaging of hardware, minerals, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, machinery and other products; in the storage area of the warehouse, the packaging of wrapped film pallets is also widely used for three-dimensional storage and transportation abroad to save space and occupy land.

Stretch Film Applications and Markets

Stretch Film Applications and markets,Many applications of winding film are not yet covered in China

Stretch Film Applications and Markets.Wrapping film has a wide range of applications, but many domestic fields are not yet covered and many areas are not yet widely used. With the expansion of application fields, the amount of winding film in Wuxi will increase greatly, and its market potential is immeasurable.

A growing market with great potential for stretch film

Stretch Film Applications and Markets.Wrap film, also known as stretch film, has very good stretching performance, tear resistance and puncture resistance. It is widely used in chemical, ceramics, electromechanical equipment, electronic products and other fields. Products can be bundled together tightly and securely, and small fragmented parts can be bundled into a whole. Wuxi bubble film ensures that the products will not be loosened or separated under harsh environment. Wuxi wrap film can form a protective appearance around the products, which can play a good role in protecting them from dust, water, moisture and oil.

Wuxi winding is expected to become the main force of China's packaging market

Wuxi wrap-around film packaging can also reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the grade and efficiency of packaging, and is expected to become the main force in China’s packaging market. China’s wrap-around packaging industry started in the late 1980s and achieved rapid development in the 1990s.

Stretch Film Applications and Markets

The market development potential of winding film in China is very large

The global demand for wrap film is increasing year by year, with an annual growth rate of about 6-7%, and about 15% in Southeast Asia. More and more Southeast Asian manufacturers are looking for product suppliers in China. With the development of transportation and packaging market, the domestic winding film market is growing quietly and the market size is expanding. The market development potential for winding film in China is very high and the outlook is very good.

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