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Forms and technological process of winding film use

Core tips: high transparency facilitates the identification of goods; high longitudinal elongation facilitates pre-stretching and saves material consumption; good puncture properties and transverse tear strength allow the film to encounter sharp corners or edges of goods without breaking at high stretching multipliers; high yield point makes the packaged goods tighter.

One of the forms of winding film use is sealed packaging

This type of packaging is similar to shrink wrap packaging, where the film is wrapped around the pallet to encase it all, and then two heat grippers heat seal the film together at both ends. This was the earliest form of wrap-around film used, and this led to the development of many more forms of packaging

Forms of winding film use

One of the forms of winding film use is full width packaging

This type of packaging requires a film width wide enough to cover the pallet, the shape of the pallet is regular, so the use of it has its, suitable film thickness of 17 to 35μm

Extensive use of stretch film

One of the forms of winding film use is manual packaging

This kind of packaging is the simplest kind of wrapping film packaging. The film is installed on a rack or held by hand, rotated by the tray or wound around the tray. It is mainly used for repacking after the wrapped pallet is damaged, as well as ordinary pallet packaging. This kind of packaging is slow, and the suitable film thickness is 15 ~ 20 μ m

One of the forms of winding film use is Packaging of stretch film winding machine

This is one of the most common and extensive mechanical packaging forms. The tray rotates or the film rotates around the tray. The film is fixed on the support and can be moved up and down. This kind of packing capacity is very large, about 15 ~ 18 plates per hour. Suitable film thickness is about 15 ~ 25 μ m
The norms against stretch film quality

One of the forms of winding film use is horizontal mechanical packaging

Different from other packaging, it is suitable for long goods packaging, such as carpets, boards, fiberboards, profiled materials, etc

One of the forms of winding film use is packaging of paper drum

This is one of the latest uses of winding film, which is better than the old-fashioned paper tube packaging. The suitable film thickness is 30 ~ 120 μ m

One of the forms of winding film use is packaging of small items

This is the latest packaging form of winding film, which can not only reduce material consumption, but also reduce the storage space of pallets. In foreign countries, this kind of packaging was first introduced in 1984. Just a year later, many such packaging appeared in the market, and this packaging form has great potential. Suitable for film thickness of 15 ~ 30 μ m

One of the forms of winding film use is packaging of pipes and cables

This is an example of the application of wrapping film in special fields. The packaging equipment is installed at the end of the production line. The fully automatic stretching film can not only replace the tape to bind the material, but also play a protective role. Applicable thickness is 15 ~ 30 μ m。

One of the forms of winding film use is stretching form of pallet mechanism packaging

The packaging of stretched film must be stretched, and the stretching forms of pallet mechanical packaging include direct stretching and pre stretching. There are two kinds of pre stretching: roller pre stretching and electric stretching.

technological process of winding film use

It is produced with imported linear polyethylene LLDPE resin and special additives of tackifier. It can produce multi-functional winding films for hand use, resistance type machine use, pre stretching type machine use, UV protection, antistatic and rust prevention. It has the following advantages:
  1. Using double-layer coextrusion equipment, the compacted winding film can give full play to the characteristics of all kinds of polymers, and its transparency, tensile strength and anti perforation strength reach the optimal state at the melting point.
  2. It has good tensile property, good transparency and uniform thickness.
  3. It has good longitudinal extensibility, good resilience, good transverse tear resistance, and excellent self-adhesive bonding.
  4. It is an environment-friendly recyclable material, tasteless, non-toxic, and can be directly packaged food. 5. It can produce single-sided sticky products, reduce the noise generated during winding and stretching, and reduce dust and sand particles during transportation and storage.
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