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Wrap-around film packaging machine

How To Improve The Quality Of The Wrap-Around Film Packaging Machine?

  1. Wrap-around film packaging machine is a machine for packing goods. Wrapping film packaging machine is also known as stretch film wrapping machine or stretch film wrapping packaging machine, it is a kind of winding and packing machinery to adapt to the storage of goods in an integrated manner, transportation and mechanized loading and unloading operations, from the structure of the equipment can be divided into tray wrapping film packaging machine, rocker wrap-around film packaging machine, cylinder wrap-around film packaging machine, horizontal stretch film wrapping machine.
  2. From the film frame structure can be divided into pre-stretch film wrapping machine The machine can be divided into pre-stretch film winding machine, automatic stretch wrap machine, and automatic stretch wrap machine.
  3. The main electrical components of the film winding machine are imported from high quality brands, with stable and reliable performance, low failure rate, automatic control and self-diagnosis of system failure, standard switch and button configuration of the control panel, intuitive and simple, more in line with general operating habits, standard specifications, no customization, easy procurement of spare parts.
  4. The film winding machine has stable performance, strong anti-interference ability, and can work normally under high dust, high noise, strong electromagnetic interference and violent temperature change environment, as well as simple operation. Today, the manual workload is not up to the speed of packaging. Many manufacturers are working to develop efficient packaging machines to assist production and increase power!

So how can you improve the quality of your wrap-around film packaging machine?

1, to ensure the reliability of the wrap-around film packaging machine parts.
For key parts, should plan and calculate the central part of the parts subjected to alternating stress of the load, strength stiffness and fatigue limits, and test verification to improve the operational reliability of the winding machine parts.

2, wrap-around film packaging machine cutting and welding parts, and the appropriate addition of cast parts.

  • Many parts of the winding machine must be marked with service marks, and their planning benchmarks must be consistent with the equipment benchmark. If the service is not marked, the grade must be marked, and the process must be controlled within the service range. Critical parts, center parts, parts subjected to loads while undergoing alternating stresses, and parts requiring high precision shape and position service.
  • Welded parts should be used as little as possible. Instead, steel parts or castings should be used, or steel parts should be bolted together. It can avoid the stress and deformation caused by welding, and increase the stability and reliability of the parts.

3, reduce the wrap-around film packaging machine non-standard parts plan to increase the use of common parts.

  • Have planned many non-standard parts, or they do not pass the reliability plan calculation or internship check. The problem is very simple, common parts have been used in many applications to prove that they are safe and reliable. Therefore, common parts should be used in the plan whenever possible. The use of common parts can also reduce the production cost of the winding machine, and shorten the planning and production cycle.
Wrap-around film packaging machine

4, pay attention to the reliability of the connection between the parts of the wrap-around film packaging machine plan.

  • Packaging machine parts are well made, the connection between the parts is better. Parts or the connection between parts must be accurately positioned and firmly fixed to avoid loosening and displacement, and can not rely on a single bolt or screw connection. The positioning of a single friction is not reliable, but should be planned in a way to withstand shear and lateral forces.

5, pay attention to the wrap-around film packaging machine benchmark.

  • Plan benchmarks, manufacturing benchmarks and equipment benchmarks are widely emphasized in the machine tool industry, but not in the winding machinery industry. Lack of consistent equipment benchmarks. For a batch of equipment, the difficulty of each device is different, the precision of the equipment is different, the time of the equipment is different, the commissioning time is different, and the stability of the operation is different.

To sum up, stretching the stretch film before the wrapper can not only improve the tensile properties, but also change its puncture resistance and viscosity.

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