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How to Buy the Right Stretch Film

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6 things to ask yourself about right stretch film applications

  1. What is the required level of holding force retention?
  2. Right Stretch film Does the load require a higher level of puncture or tear resistance?
  3. Is the load value high or low? For example: high value loads may require hidden content (see: opaque black stretch film)
  4. Is the transport distance short or long and by what means?
  5. Storage conditions. For example: UV stretch film may be required if outdoors for long periods of time.
  6. Does the product require a special stretch film? E.g. uvi stretch film, vci stretch film, large format film, roll packaging film, strapping film, strapping film, wide pallet wrap, ventilated stretch wrap, stretch wrap net, pallet cover and top sheet film, anti-static stretch wrap , ETC.
How to buy the right stretch film

4 further questions about stretching equipment and operation

  1. Does the packaging operation require quiet unfolding of the stretch film machine film (e.g. calendering) or is very high decibel noise tolerable (e.g. blow moulding)?
  2. Are higher production speeds, more stable loads and cost efficiency important?
  3. Does the film need to allow barcode scanning or label reading?
  4. What size and gauge of film is required?
  • What is a tray/load profile? (e.g. height, weight)
  • What is a load stacking mode? (e.g. column, interlocking, mixed)
  • Is the load profile type A, B or C?
  • Stretch wrap calculation?

                Easy calculation of stretch film roll weights, roll lengths and film thickness conversions (micron: gauge)


Right Stretch film specifications for regular machine film and hand-wound film

  • Micron/gauge
  • Roll weight per gauge
  • Case weight per gauge
1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (1 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)