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The difference between wrap-around film and stretch film

Both wrap-around film and stretch film are used to wrap all kinds of products for sale and transportation, playing a protective and firm covering role. The two names refer to the same thing, the concept of wrap film is broader, wrap film is also called stretch film, some wrap film can be stretched, and some wrap film cannot be stretched, or the stretch rate is low, so stretch film is in the category of wrap film, let’s learn the difference between wrap-around film and stretch film together below!

Different advantages of wrap-around film and stretch film

  1. Wrapping film has high tensile strength, tear strength and good self-adhesive, so it can wrap objects into one and not scatter them during transportation. The film has excellent transparency, wraps objects beautifully, and has the characteristics of objects being waterproof, dustproof, and preventing breakage.
  2.  It is mainly blown, and has developed from single-layer to two and three-layer. At present, the production of LLDPE stretch film is mainly by cast method because the production of cast line has the advantages of uniform thickness and high transparency, which is suitable for the requirement of high pre-stretching rate.
  3. Stretch films are characterized by high transparency, high longitudinal elongation, high yield point, high transverse tear strength, and good puncture performance. In addition, the material density of stretch film also affects the performance of the film, with the increase of density, high orientation, good flatness, high longitudinal elongation, high yield strength, but transverse tear strength, puncture strength and light transmission rate decreases, so the comprehensive performance of all aspects of the non-adhesive layer contains medium density linear polyethylene.
The difference between wrap-around film and stretch film

Wrap-around film and stretch film have different advantages, but both can play a protective role.

Different application areas for wrap-around film and stretch film

  1. Wrapping film is mainly used in combination with pallets to pack scattered goods together instead of small containers. Since it can reduce the cost of packaging for transporting large quantities of goods by more than 30%, 
  2. it is widely used for bulk packaging of a variety of products in industries such as electronics, building materials, chemicals, metal products, auto parts, wires and cables, daily necessities, food and paper. In the field of warehouse storage, overseas, in order to save space and floor space, also often use the packaging of stretch-wound film pallets for three-dimensional storage and transportation.
The difference between wrap-around film and stretch film
  1. Stretch film can meet the functions of moisture-proof and dust-proof, prevent contact stealing and transparent display of goods, and also improve the attractiveness of product appearance, which can be used instead of all kinds of paper boxes, not only saving the packaging cost, but also meeting the packaging trend. Stretch film is widely used in the outer packaging of various products such as food, medicine, sterilized tableware, literary and sports goods, handicrafts, printed matter, metal and plastic products, telephone sets, electronic instruments, etc.

Wrap-around film and stretch film have the common feature that both can be used for food packaging

The specific characteristics of wrap-around film and stretch film are different

  1. Unitization: This is one of the greater features of wrap-around film packaging. Due to the film’s extreme winding force and shrinkage, products are compactly and securely bundled in a single unit, combining small, fragmented parts into one, without loosening and separating products even under adverse conditions, without sharp edges and adhesion to cause damage.
  2. Cost saving: Wrapping film packaging can effectively reduce the cost of using products. The use of wrap-around film is only about 15% of the original box packaging, about 35% of heat shrinkable film, and about 50% of carton packaging. At the same time, it can reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve the packaging efficiency and packaging grade.
The difference between wrap-around film and stretch film
  1. Compressibility: The contraction force after stretching the film is used to roll and pack the product, forming a compact, space-independent whole unit that firmly wraps each pallet of the product, effectively preventing mutual deflection and movement of the product during transportation, while clinging to hard products with adjustable tension, soft.
  2. Primary Protection: Primary protection provides surface protection of the product, forming a slight protective appearance around the product to achieve dust, oil, moisture, water and theft protection. Of particular importance is that roll film packaging must apply uniform force to the packaged item to avoid uneven force causing damage to the item. This is not possible in traditional packaging methods (strapping, packing, tape and other packaging).

The above is the difference between wrap-around film and stretch film, for more information, please feel free to contact us!

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