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Winding film use format

One of the winding film use format is sealing

This is similar to shrink wrap, where the film is wrapped all around and then two hot handles seal the two ends of the film together. This is a relatively old use of film wrap, which has led to the development of more.

One of the winding film use format is full frame

Wrap film this to be wide to the winding film width can cover, some shape rules, there are used, film thickness of 17 ~ 35 m.

Applications for Wrap-around Film

One of the winding film use format is manual

Wrap film this is a relatively simple in the full film, the film can be clamped on a frame, can also be held in the hand, on, or turn the film to. It is mainly used for breaking and then and ordinary. This kind of slow speed, suitable film thickness of 15 ~ 20 m.

One of the winding film use format is stretch film winding machine

Stretch and pull film winding machine which is more common and widespread machinery for winding film, on or winding film, the film is fixed on the base and can be moved up and down. This capacity is large, about 15 ~ 18 reels per hour. The suitable film thickness is about 15 ~ 25 m.

Winding film use format

One of the winding film use format is horizontal machines

Unlike others, the film goes around things and is suitable for long goods such as carpets, sheets, fiberboard, and shaped materials.

One of the winding film use format is paper tube

This is one of the newer uses of full wrap film and is better than the old style cardboard reduction film. Suitable film thickness is 30 ~ 120 m.

One of the winding film use format is props

Wrap-around film not only reduces material consumption with a newer one, but also reduces the storage space. In foreign countries, this kind was introduced for the first time in 1984, and a lot of this kind appeared on the market in just one year, and this kind has a great potential. Suitable for film thicknesses of 15 ~ 30 m.

Winding film use format

One of the winding film use format is Pipelines and cables

This is an example of a special area where equipment is wound at the end of the production line. Fully automatic stretch film not only replaces tape bundling material, but also serves as a protection. The applicable thickness is 15 ~ 30 m.

One of the winding film use format is the stretching pattern of the mechanism

  1. Wrapping film’s are subject to stretching, and there are direct and pre-tensioned mechanical stretching. There are two types of pre-tensioning. One is roller pre-tensioning and the other is electrical tensioning.
  2. Direct stretching is done between the winding film and the membrane. This method has a low stretch rate (about 15% ~ 20%), and when the stretch rate exceeds 55% ~ 60%, the film width will be reduced beyond the original yield point of the film, and the puncture performance will be lost, and the film will easily break. In addition, with 60% elasticity, the traction force is high, and for lighter goods, the goods are likely to be deformed.
  3. Advance tensioning is done by two rollers. The two rollers of roller advance tension are connected together by gears, and the rate of extension may vary depending on the gear ratio, and the tension is generated by the turntable. The stretching occurs over a short distance and the friction between the rollers and the film is high, so the film width does not decrease and the original puncture properties of the film remain the same. No stretching occurs during actual winding, reducing breakage caused by sharp edges or angles, and the stretching ratio can be increased to 110%. The tension mechanism of electric pre-tensioning is the same as that of roller pre-tensioning. However, the two rollers driven by electric power are different. The stretching and pulling are completely independent of the. So it is highly adaptable and suitable for light, heavy and irregular goods. Due to the low tension, the pre-stretching rate of this method reaches 300%, which saves material and cost greatly. Suitable for film thickness 15 ~ 24 m.
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