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With the development of society and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, consumers not only demand the inner quality of goods, but also put forward higher requirements for the packaging of goods. In the past, the inner packaging of copy paper used moisture-proof packaging. This type of packaging paper is soft in texture and low in hardness. The coated paper is easily tilted after being cut into flat sheets. It is not suitable for packaging. The thickness of the paper is not uniform. Low efficiency, easy to puncture, low tensile strength, dark printing, not shiny, low gloss, poor appearance, A4 copy paper packaging for transportation, easy to burst and other disadvantages.

burger wrappers

Paper is an important invention of our ancient people.

With the development and progress of society, the application of paper is becoming more and more widespread. Hamburger packaging is one of them. As the paper industry continues to develop, the classification of paper is becoming more and more refined. Today, we will discuss the topic of food packaging with you, starting with eating fast food.

Raw materials for burger wrappers


The paper is mainly made from recycled paper (office waste paper, newsprint etc. as the main raw material) and has a layer of ink on the surface. Experts in the printing industry point out that most printing inks on flat paper and food packaging boxes contain phenyl substances. Once encountered with oily substances, the organic dyes dissolve and adhere to oily foods. If these substances accumulate in the human body over time, they will pose a slight health hazard. Only environmentally friendly inks that do not contain benzene should be used and the inks themselves should not come into direct contact with food. Customers should be more aware of their substitution habits and not place food directly on the flat paper, where the burger can come into direct contact with the food.

Why do you need burger wrappers ?

If you order a burger, he will give you a box with the burger in it. This food-grade burger wrapper will use all wood pulp to produce burger wrappers . The production process will also attempt to control the addition of chemicals and will also require some food-grade chemicals. This paper has a high stiffness and whiteness. It is also taller and can touch the food.

burger wrappers

If you order another chicken leg or spicy chicken wings, put them in a small paper bag. This paper bag is hard and brittle in the hand. This burger wrappers is mainly produced from chemical mechanical pulp and some are covered with a PE film or coated with a grease repellent coating. This paper may also come into contact with food. Hamburger wrappers are also food-coated papers. This wrapping paper is mainly made from long fibres (pine, cedar wood, etc.), in the original colour of the pulp, which can be bleached. The paper is characterised by its high purity, crispness and food contact properties. It is also suitable for outer packaging and its appearance looks like an environmentally friendly original.

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