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What is silicone papers?

We often use a white paper in our barbecues, this paper is silicone paper. So what is silicone papers? Silicone paper is a commonly used food wrapping paper. It is made by coating both sides of a white paper with silicone oil. Silicone oil is an additive for food packaging. It is allowed to be used in China. There will be a layer of silicone oil to prevent food from sticking.

What is silicone papers?

Originally, silicone greaseproof paper was a high temperature baking paper used for baking. The purpose was to place it on the baking tray during baking to prevent food sticking and to make it easier to clean even if a small amount of grease stuck to the tray. A sheet of silicone paper can basically be used two or three times, but if it becomes discoloured or sticks to a lot of residue, then this silicone paper must be replaced. With the rise of the new paper grill, silicone paper is increasingly being used for paper grills.

What is silicone paper

Features of the Paper Roast

Placing a sheet of silicone paper on the grill plate blocks excess harmful health substances, absorbs excess fat from the grilled meat and locks in the juices. And without the oily smoke and mushy taste of traditional grilling, the food comes out incredibly tender and tasty. This healthy, scientific form of barbecuing has also made its appearance in China.

What is silicone papers

What is silicone papers harmful when used at high temperatures?

Currently, there are different grades of silicone paper depending on the conditions of use. Of these, there are two common types of food-grade silicone paper. One is silicone paper for room temperature packaging and the other is baking paper for paper barbecues. If it is to be used at high temperatures, grill paper must be used.

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