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Because of the widespread use in the food packaging industry, many people are worried about whether silicone paper is toxic or not, and whether it will cause harm to the human body, in this article, we will get to know what is silicone paper, and whether it is harmful to the human body.

What is silicone paper?

What is silicone paper?Silicone paper is a commonly used packaging paper with a three-layer structure: the first layer is the base paper, the second layer is the lamination (on the base paper, the particles are melted at high temperature by a cast machine and evenly coated on the base paper, called lamination), and the third layer is the silicone oil (silicone oil is also called laminating liquid). Silicone paper is highly resistant to high temperatures, moisture and oil, so it is generally used for packaging in the food industry; there are more classifications of silicone paper, which can be distinguished by colour, grammage, single and double sided and origin.

  1. Colour: Silicon oil paper can be divided into white silicon oil paper and yellow silicon oil paper by colour.
  2. Grammage: According to the grammage silicone oil paper can be divided into 35g, 65g, 85g, 90g silicone oil paper, etc.
  3. Origin: According to the origin of silicone oil paper is divided into domestic silicone oil paper and imported silicone oil paper
  4. Single and double-sided: According to the single and double-sided silicone oil paper can be divided into double silicon single seal silicone oil paper, double silicon oil paper, single silicon oil paper, etc.
What is silicone paper

Is silicone oil paper toxic?

As we mentioned above, silicone fluids, also known as lacquers, contain resins, varnishes and other ingredients. Varnish contains toxic substances such as benzene and xylene and is an item that has a great impact on human health and can be a sexual irritant to the skin and eyes. Therefore, when choosing food, try not to use this type of paper for processing, packaging and cooking food, whether it is xylene or other resins and varnishes contained in silicone paper will have an impact on human health.

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