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What Is Shrinkwrapping?

Shrink wrapping is the process of covering a product with clear plastic that, when heated, shrinks to fit tightly into the shape of the product. Shrink wrap, or shrink wrap, is also the term used for the plastic used in this process.

Shrink-wrapped plastic can shrink to 50% of its original size, so it can shrinkwrapping be cut very loosely. It can be purchased in large rolls or in a variety of pre-cut sizes. Small uniforms like CDs can be placed in shrink-wrapped bags that have been sealed on three sides. 

The open side is sealed and the entire shrinkwrapping package is heated so that the bag will shrink to exactly the right size.
Shrink wrapping equipment can be expensive for production applications, or relatively inexpensive for home and hobby use. Shrink wrap cutters are a fairly large purchase. 

They are similar to paper cutters, but the blades shrinkwrapping are replaced by heated metal wires. The cutter is placed on the folded shrink wrap so that the wire comes in contact with the material, cutting, heating and sealing the shrink wrap.

What Is Shrinkwrapping

The shrink-wrapping process

Shrink wrap rolls come in a variety of widths. Typically, the shrink wrap is folded once before being rolled onto a cardboard cylinder. This makes shrink-wrapping the quantity easier – the material is pulled through the cutter, the item slides shrinkwrapping between the two layers of the wrap,

 and then the cutter cuts the material off the roll and seals it. The item can be rotated 90 degrees and trimmed at the other edges before being shrunk using the heating element.

For fast shrink, manufacturers use heating chambers; they come in a variety of sizes and levels of automation. For home or hobby use, a heat gun or even a hair dryer can be shrinkwrapping used. If using a heat gun, care must be taken to keep the heat source moving. 

Staying in one place too long shrinkwrapping can easily burn a hole in the shrink wrap.

What Is Shrinkwrapping
Manufacturers and hobbyists alike use shrink shrinkwrapping wrap to protect and display their merchandise. No matter how many people pick it up and inspect it, the shrink-wrapped item in the store will remain clean, 

but the contents will still shrinkwrapping be fully visible. Shrink wrapping also provides a psychological benefit to the consumer by creating a “hands-off” appearance, making your merchandise look “fresh”

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