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What Are Bopp Tape

The sticky packaging tape commonly used in the medium to heavy duty carton sealing, shipping, inventory management and logistics industries is actually BOPP tape.

BOPP is short for bi-oriented polypropylene. Polypropylene is used in the manufacture of tapes because of its amazing properties and performance. It is a thermoplastic polymer that is ductile at certain temperatures and returns to a solid form when cooled.


Polypropylene films can be stretched in both directions,including BOPP tape

This stretching of the film increases the strength and clarity/transparency of the film. The high tensile strength and robust nature make it ideal for packaging and labeling.

Polypropylene also bopp has other properties such as abrasion resistance,chemical reactant resistance, burst resistance and moisture resistance. The film’s surface is easy to print and coat, which makes it suitable for custom printed BOPP packaging tapes. The tape can be easily cut when needed.

BOPP tape is a thermoplastic polymer that can operate at extreme temperatures, i.e., in the low and high temperature range. A commonly used adhesive is hot melt synthetic rubber because it seals quickly, 

reliably and consistently. These adhesives bond quickly to surfaces and have additional properties such as UV resistance, shear resistance and heat resistance. The outstanding features of these tapes are.
Excellent clarity and high gloss.

Perfect dimensional stability and flatness.
Anti-wrinkle and anti-shrink.
Non-toxic and recyclable.

Resistant to low and high temperatures.
UV resistant, heat resistant and moisture resistant.


We are here to provide production of various  tapes such as color  tapes, normal tapes and Flipkart brand BOPP tapes. Color BOPP tapes are widely used in logistics and inventory management, and transparent tapes are widely used in transportation and sealing.

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