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Typical Gauges For Stretch Films Or Pallet Wrap

Typical gauges for stretch films or pallet wraps range from 63 to 80 gauges, but some lighter gauges exist. This thickness ensures that the wrap can be stretched over the product without puncturing. Lighter gauges ensure that smaller, lighter loads are effectively wrapped, while heavier gauges are designed for larger applications. 

  • 30 Gauge-For loads up to approximately 800 lb.
  • 63 Gauge-for loads up to approximately 1300 lb.
  • 70 Gauge-for loads up to approximately 1600 lb.
  • 80 Gauge-The most gauges common stretch wrap thickness. Best suited for loads up to 2200 lb.

Hand grade: Stretch films designed for use by personnel without equipment are called hand films.
LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene): The most common stretch packaging material, LLDPE is a polyethylene with a density <965 kg/m and is produced using a low-pressure process. Its clear color gives it optimal product visibility in storage and transport.
Machine Grade: Stretch films designed for use in heavy equipment is called machine packaging.


Pre-stretch: A film or package that has been mechanically stretched to near its final breaking point before being rolled onto a roll for final use. Pre-stretched films allow users to achieve the same (or better) load stability with less product, less physical energy and better control. Consumption is less than half that of traditional stretch films, with savings of 25%-40%.
Stretch film or pallet wrap: highly stretchable plastic film wrapped around the item. Elastic response allows items to be tightly bound without leaving sticky residue.

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