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Tips And Answers For Using Ink

        Composite ink has no problem in printing, but there are white spots in composite aluminized film, and the covering power is greatly reduced. How to deal with the above problems?Tips And Answers For Using Ink

Tips And Answers For Using Ink

       First, increase the amount of coloring material in the ink; Secondly, alcohol ether solvent or leveling agent is introduced in the formulation design; Third, increase the amount of antistatic dispersant or auxiliary resin with low viscosity;Tips And Answers For Using Ink

        Fourth, when printing, move the scraper upward a little or increase the printing pressure appropriately. You can also change the printing plate with deep hole to improve the thickness of ink film and promote the wetting and leveling of ink.Tips And Answers For Using Ink

 Surface printing ink is not inked when printing. How to deal with it?Tips And Answers For Using Ink

       The ink does not adhere to the substrate, indicating that the formulation design of the ink is unreasonable. For example, when several mixed solvents are together, the surface is very easy to form oil beads, which indicates that there is no mutual solubility between the solvents, or the solubility of the resin in the dissolved ink system is not reached. Tips And Answers For Using Ink

       The second is caused by the thickening and coarsening or gelatinization of the ink in the ink system. In serious cases, the ink is stacked at both ends of the printing plate, and the transfer ink is not available or the transfer rate is insufficient.Tips And Answers For Using Ink

       Before ink production, one is to design the formula according to the “two-dimensional ink making method” as far as possible; The second is to minimize the amount of thickening thixotropic agent; Tips And Answers For Using Ink

       The third is to add solubilizing solvent during printing; Fourth, avoid ink contact with water; Fifth, exchange new ink.Tips And Answers For Using Ink

 What is ink chip toner made of?Tips And Answers For Using Ink

      In short, it is made by mixing, grinding or filtering resin and pigment. The former is a color chip and the latter is toner. The manufacturer can choose different pigments according to the printing purpose, especially the resin in the color chip or toner system.Tips And Answers For Using Ink

Gravure plastic ink, especially white ink, how to avoid yellowing and improve whiteness?Tips And Answers For Using Ink

        According to different Gravure plastic inks, different formula designs should be adopted, such as polyurethane ink or general surface printing or general internal printing white ink, and the methods adopted are different. Tips And Answers For Using Ink

        The polyurethane gravure ink system often contains toluene or xylene, and the picture and text ink film will turn yellow when it contacts the oxygen in the air after printing, especially when the ink composition uses anatase titanium dioxide.Tips And Answers For Using Ink

       In order to avoid the above faults, one is to use benzene free polyurethane resin as the binder of the ink system; The second is to change from anatase type to rutile type. Tips And Answers For Using Ink

      The easiest way is to add 0.01% – 0.03% whitening agent or 3% – 5% TS coloring material, which can not only greatly improve the whiteness, but also significantly reduce the ink cost.Tips And Answers For Using Ink

 How to improve the adhesion fastness of PP woven bag flexographic ink, especially black ink?Tips And Answers For Using Ink

       Alcohol soluble polyamide resin is generally used in the ink system. In order to improve ink adhesion, one is to introduce coupling crosslinking agent or wetting dispersant or slow drying solvent into the ink system; Tips And Answers For Using Ink

       Second, add aldehyde ketone resin; Third, in the ink formulation design, it is better to approach the surface tension of ink and PP surface tension design as much as possible. Tips And Answers For Using Ink

       As for the proportion of resin in black ink, it can be a little larger or tu-310 can be added. It is also feasible to appropriately increase the printing pressure during printing.Tips And Answers For Using Ink

6. After exposure for 1-2 hours, the white ink changes from white to yellow, and then the color gradually fades. How to explain and deal with this problem?Tips And Answers For Using Ink

       White turns yellow, see point 4 of this article. However, it gradually fades from yellow to colorless, which is mainly related to titanium dioxide. Because anatase titanium dioxide itself is acidic, and some ink manufacturers do not ask about the ink category and add brighteners, Tips And Answers For Using Ink

        which not only accelerates the yellowing process, but also plays an oxidation role due to the lack of proper brighteners, resulting in the above faults.Tips And Answers For Using Ink

        In order to overcome this failure, anti ultraviolet absorbent or mica powder is introduced into the ink system to prevent it, or rutile titanium dioxide can be changed to avoid future problems.Tips And Answers For Using Ink

How to improve the gloss of PP woven bag ink?Tips And Answers For Using Ink

        The first suggestion is to increase the resin content, the second is to add leveling AIDS, the third is to add 3% – 5% solvent with boiling point of 150 ℃ – 245 ℃ into the ink system, the fourth is to add 3% – 5% polyketone or Dama resin, and the fifth is to prolong the grinding time of the ink or add about 3% erucic acid amide as the flexible film-forming aids of the ink, Tips And Answers For Using Ink

       so as to promote the diffusion of macromolecules Flow to improve gloss. Proper crystallinity of ink can improve the cohesion and adhesion of printing ink.Tips And Answers For Using Ink

     When thermoplastic PU resin is used, the gloss of blue black and black ink decreases and the coloring power becomes worse. What is the reason and how to deal with it?Tips And Answers For Using Ink

       In PU resin ink system, the above phenomenon is often caused by the failure of a single solvent to fully achieve the solubility of PU resin. When we add solubilizing solvent or coupling dispersant, the solubility is close, the transparency is better, and the colorability of the ink is improved. Tips And Answers For Using Ink

        Of course, there is also a poor pigment dispersion, too short grinding time and thick ink are the reasons for the above phenomena. This not only reduces the gloss of the ink film, but also the ink is not bright and the coloring power is poor. Tips And Answers For Using Ink

        Therefore, it is suggested to prolong the grinding time, add solubilizing solvents (for example, butanone can be added as the main solvent of toluene, and human n-butanol can be added as the main solvent of isopropanol) or slow drying solvents to improve the gloss of printing ink film.Tips And Answers For Using Ink

      CPP resin and toluene solvent make ink. After the ink is stored for a period of time, CPP often precipitates on the surface. If it is obvious in winter, why?Tips And Answers For Using Ink

      The reason for the above failure after the production of ink is that the solubility between CPP resin and toluene is about10% gap. Although CPP and toluene are dissolved under certain temperature or shear stress, due to the difference in solubility,Tips And Answers For Using Ink

       CPP (precipitation) instability is common. The chlorine content of CPP will also bring the above problems. Therefore, it is suggested that adding some butanone or ethyl ester as auxiliary solvent is often very effective.Tips And Answers For Using Ink

        Adding alcohol ether ester solvent can not only improve the water resistance of CPP, but also make CPP and toluene mutually soluble, so as to reduce the solvent residue in the graphic ink film of printing ink.Tips And Answers For Using Ink

How to reduce the material cost of ink?Tips And Answers For Using Ink

(1) Reduce the resin content, or reduce the resin with high price and supplement the resin with low price as auxiliary resin.Tips And Answers For Using Ink

(2) Increase thickening thixotropic agent and reduce the proportion of resin and pigment.Tips And Answers For Using Ink

(3) When designing the ink formula, we should focus on the ink formula with similar solubility of resin and solvent, similar hydrogen bond force, similar surface tension and similar volatilization rate. Tips And Answers For Using Ink

       Generally, the dilution solvent is increased by 30% – 50% without affecting the ink quality and ink formula. For example, the principle of inorganic binder: acid and alkali cooperate, the structure is similar, and the ion radius ratio is similar to the compatibility number.Tips And Answers For Using Ink

       Because the binder in the ink is a liquid-phase dispersion medium and the carrier of pigments and fillers, it has certain viscosity, fluidity and film-forming, can effectively disperse pigments and fillers, and endows the ink with fluidity, printing ability and film-forming ability.Tips And Answers For Using Ink

The ink on the printing plate cannot be scraped clean. How to solve it?Tips And Answers For Using Ink

       The reason why the ink cannot be scraped is that the content of resin in the ink system is too high, especially the resin with long oil degree (or the length of the silk head pulled out by the ink), as well as the static electricity of the ink. Tips And Answers For Using Ink

       In addition, the ink is too soft (ink film) or the printing plate is not smooth. In a word, the oil and ink “can’t stand up”, which requires “stand up and don’t stick”.Tips And Answers For Using Ink

       The usual treatment method is: the printing speed is fast, the ink with short oil degree should be selected, or the proportion of antistatic agent should be increased, or the harder ink should be selected. The resin softening point of the system is high. Tips And Answers For Using Ink

       When printing, add diluent or diluent containing filler to reduce the head of ink (thermoplastic resin can be mixed with a little thermosetting resin, single type can add curing agent). Add wax or other thickener to make the ink “stand up” or replace the printing plate.Tips And Answers For Using Ink

The scratch resistance of ink is poor. The wax powder can’t be increased to 5%, and the amount of nitrocellulose can’t be increased. What’s the reason? How to deal with it?Tips And Answers For Using Ink

        This may be because the dryness of the ink itself is not enough. The hardness of the ink itself should be relatively high after drying. You can also add a layer of varnish on the crude oil ink, but the varnish (fog oil) is not enough, which requires relatively high hardness.Tips And Answers For Using In

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