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The history of copperplate papers

The meaning of copperplate papers

Copperplate papers, as it is called in mainland China, and powder paper in Hong Kong, is one of the more used papers in the printing industry. In Hong Kong, the name of this paper is almost well known. But not many people know it in the mainland, because practitioners lack communication with each other. The original English name for copperplate papers is Art Paper, which is a common name for an imported product. This paper was first developed by the British in the mid-19th century as a coated processing paper. The white and fine porcelain clay is mixed into paint and evenly brushed on the surface of the original paper (coated on one side or both sides) to make a high-level printing paper. Since the process is similar to a woman applying powder to her face, it is called powder paper. In fact, Art Paper was translated as Fine Art Paper in the 1930s in China. The reason is that when this paper was used to print fine paintings in Europe, the printing plate used was a copper-plate etching. Therefore, according to the convention of naming by use, the art paper used for copper plate printing is called copper plate (printing) paper. In the printing industry in mainland China, colleagues in the paper industry refer to Art Paper as coated paper, not powder paper. By the way, some books and magazines translate copper plate paper as Copper Plate Paper, or Enameled Paper is not accurate enough. The history of copperplate papers,The former is mistaken for a paper like copper plate, which should be translated as four-plate paper, and the latter should be waxed paper (called Li-light paper in Taiwan).

Copperplate Papers

Classification of copperplate papers

Coated paper is divided into single-sided coated paper, double-sided coated paper, lusterless coated paper, and cloth coated paper. According to the quality, it is divided into A, B, C, etc. The main raw material of coated paper is coated paper and coating. The requirements of the original coated paper is uniform thickness, small stretch, high strength, good water resistance. The paper surface is not allowed to have spots, wrinkles, holes and other paper diseases, used to coat the coating is composed of high-quality white pigments, adhesives (such as polyvinyl alcohol, casein, etc.) and auxiliary additives. This liquidity and high solids content of the coating, through the coating machine thin and evenly coated in the original paper, and then dried, rolled into a roll on the paper machine, and then sent to the super calender for calendering finishing, and finally slitting, paper selection, packing.This paper is very thick and absorbent, and it has excellent dimensional stability.All papers are acid-free, size neutral, alkaline buffered with calcium carbonate and free of fluorescent brighteners. They meet the permanence requirements of ANSI/NISO Z 39.48-1992 and DIN ISO 9706.

Characteristics of copperplate papers

Copperplate papers is a high-grade printing paper made of raw paper coated with white paint. It is mainly used for printing the covers and illustrations of high-class books and magazines, color pictures, various fine commodity advertisements, samples, commodity packaging, trademarks, etc.

The characteristic of coated paper is that the paper surface is very smooth and flat, with high smoothness and good gloss. At the same time, the coating is very evenly distributed on the paper surface and shows a pleasant white color. The requirements for coated paper is thin and uniform coating, no bubbles, the amount of adhesive in the coating is appropriate to prevent the printing process of paper off powder and hair, in addition, coated paper to xylene absorption should be appropriate.

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