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Consumer ate steamed stuffed bun stomachache, the reason is actually steamed stuffed bun paper brings about

  • In our daily life, we often come into contact with food paper, which is also a market trend brought by the change of consumption structure. Food paper has been widely used in all kinds of food, among which the most common is steamed stuffed bun paper, and steamed stuffed bun paper will directly affect the safety and health of steamed stuffed bun. Before the news reported that a consumer had a stomach after eating breakfast steamed stuffed bun, and finally found out the reason was actually caused by the unqualified hygiene of steamed stuffed paper.
  • At present, the steamed stuffed paper material on the market is not unified, the steamed stuffed paper material is poor can not reach the standard of safety and health, buy steamed stuffed paper also take into account its function, price, use and quality, because these will affect the taste of steamed stuffed bun, health and sales. Baozi paper on the market brand and quality is uneven, choose up dazzling, it is easy to buy the baozi paper with safety problems.
stuffed bun paper
  • On food safety issues, we are always strict with myself, best we produce the steamed stuffed bun paper USES are imported silicone oil paper, double-sided coated silicon more safety and health, have a variety of shapes and sizes, paper thin, good permeability, high temperature steam for cooking and no fading, no heavy metal, no fluorescent agent, will not affect the flavor of steamed stuffed bun, Not easy to fall off but easy to tear and will not affect the appearance of the bottom of the steamed stuffed bun, can be customized, printed enterprise logo, contact phone, etc., to improve the grade and brand awareness of the steamed stuffed bun.
stuffed bun paper
  • So we buy the steamed bread paper, on the material must be the preferred silicone oil paper, if it is imported is better, choose a variety of shape and appearance, the steamed stuffed bun to increase selling point for ourselves, but also high temperature resistant, oil resistant and waterproof and stripping, so does not affect the taste of the steamed stuffed bun, and convenient to consumers, eating custom shop logo, enhance brand value and guest turns head, The steamed stuffed bun paper we produce contains all the features above and is worthy of your trust.
  • We as food paper production experts, always adhere to the quality of survival, to product development and development, although there are a lot of fake and shoddy steamed stuffed bun paper on the market, but we adhere to good product quality, only for customers a peace of mind.
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