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Stretched film manufacturer

Stretched film manufacturer: the functions and advantages of stretch film

  1. Stretched film manufacturer introduce that stretch film remains stable at room temperature and will produce heat shrinkage when heated. Stretch film, also known as winding film, is an industrial packaging product. It has strong stretch, strong stretch, good shrinkage, good self-adhesion, thin texture, softness and high transparency. It can be used to make stretch film for hand use or stretch film for machines, and can be widely used for packaging of various commodities. Stretch film has strong puncture resistance and stretch performance. After packing the goods, it makes them more stable, firm and neat, and has a particularly good waterproof effect. It is widely used in various industries.
  2. Nowadays, with the development of the logistics industry, stretch film is widely used in the packaging industry and even in life, from the packaging of equipment to the packaging of food products, and stretch film is also one of the packaging materials, whether it is used for the collective packing of products or goods cardboard, can prevent moisture, dust and reduce labor, improve efficiency, to protect products and reduce costs. The purpose of stretch film is one of the common packaging materials in the logistics industry in recent years, and now it can be seen everywhere in our life.
  3. The length of stretch film is determined by its tightness. It is used in the sale and delivery of various products. Its primary effect is to stabilize, cover and maintain the product. Stretch film must have high puncture resistance, outstanding shortening and a certain amount of shortening stress. During the shortening process, the film must not develop holes. Because stretch films are often used outdoors, they need to be UV resistant. Especially in the combination (cluster) packaging of irregular shaped items or products, it can meet the functions of moisture-proof and dust-proof, contact-proof and transparent display, and increase the attractiveness of product appearance, and can also be used to replace all kinds of paper boxes, which not only saves packaging cost, but also fits the packaging trend.

The following stretched film manufacturer will introduce the powerful features and benefits of stretch film.

  1. Stretched films are polyester, a non-toxic and environmentally friendly material that is easy to recycle. The new pre-stretch process used in Stretched film manufacturer the original master film lighter and thinner, and the physical tensile strength and wrapping force remain essentially the same. It can be wrapped manually without the need for any tools.

  2. Reduces the amount of waste to be disposed of. When wrapping the same item, there is significantly less pre-stretched stretch film compared to pre-stretched stretch film. As a result, there is a corresponding reduction in the number of times stretch film is handled and recycled.

  3.  Stretched film manufacturer point out that stretch film can be recycled and reused. Using environmentally friendly stretch film not only reduces environmental pollution, but also saves the cost of packaging recycling.

  4. Reduce air pollution, reduce energy consumption and exhaust emissions from transportation, and reduce costs.

  5. Stretch film lasts in a stable state at room temperature and after heating, it produces the effect of heat shrinkage.

  6. Stretch film is polyester, which is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly material that can be easily recycled. The new pre-stretching process used in stretch film makes the original master film lighter and thinner, and the physical stretching strength and wrapping force remain basically the same. And it can be packed manually without any tools, which saves time and effort and money.

  7. What should I pay attention to when storing stretch film? Stretched film manufacturer say that stretch film is flammable, so when storing it, please keep it away from heat sources to avoid high temperature damage to its performance. Stretch film itself is self-adhesive and can provide tight packaging, dustproof, waterproof and oilproof properties when packing, so please be careful not to contaminate the stretch film with dust to avoid affecting the packaging effect. When storing stretch film, please avoid sunlight and rain. It is recommended to roll and store stretch film when not in use, otherwise it will affect the packaging film for later use. Stretch film is usually in roll form without damaging the core to avoid dispersion and unavailability.

    The above is the introduction of stretched film manufacturer, hope it can help you better use stretch film.

Stretched film manufacturer
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