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Restaurant use steamer paper, recommend this food - grade steamer paper

steamer paper

  • It seems that “two dishes in one cup” has become an indispensable part of Cantonese life. We cannot resist the delicious dishes such as dry steaming, shrimp dumplings and sheng jian bao, which are also the signature of many restaurants. In order to be beautiful and keep the shape does not stick to the bottom, generally will pad Steamer Sheets, because of the large consumption, so how to purchase inexpensive Steamer Sheets has become a lot of restaurants concerned about the problem.
  • steamer paper;But currently on the market of food grade Steamer Sheets quality, general quality of bamboo Steamer Sheets there are some quality problems, and even did not achieve production in terms of safety and health standard, make pastry easy to stick on the steamed with, not only affect beautiful, will also affect the taste of cake, thus affect the business of the teahouse and word of mouth, This kind of inferior steamer paper often uses the material is not food silicone paper, but some common paper, easy to deform.
Recommended steamer paper for restaurants, this food grade steamer paper
  • In the face of these problems in the market, as an expert in the production of food-grade silicone paper, we insist on quality, constantly improve the process, and research and development of new products. So this kind of food grade Steamer Sheets is imported food grade virgin pulp silicone oil paper, white paper and do not contain fluorescent agent, the use of advanced technology, make the paper proof good viscosity, permeability is good, have a faint fragrance log, and to achieve the effect of steam even more to save time, but also have high temperature resistant, waterproof, non-stick, easy to peel, easy cleaning, etc, And our products are certified by the National Quality Supervision and inspection Center.
Recommended steamer paper for restaurants, this food grade steamer paper
  • Although there are a lot of inferior food wrappers in the market, we always adhere to good product quality, only for a customer’s peace of mind, at the same time, our food paper can also be customized according to customer needs pattern size, etc..
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