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3 Main Differences Between Single-sided and Double-sided Release Paper

  • Single-sided and double-sided release papers are two classifications of release paper, there are many classifications of release paper, as well as Grassian release paper, release paper, etc. There are small differences in the usage of each category, today we are going to explain the major differences between single-sided and double-sided release paper, respectively, from the understanding, differences and use.

Awareness of single-sided and double-sided release papers

Single-sided release paper understanding:

  • release paper is a kind of prepreg to prevent adhesion, but also to protect the prepreg from pollution of an anti-stick paper, first from the composition, single-sided laminated paper composition steps for the base paper, laminated film and silicone oil, the base paper can be kraft paper, kraft paper, Grassian (white, yellow, natural colour, etc. can be), etc., these can be used as the base paper, and then the lamination process, the so-called laminated film is the plastic particles through the cast coating machine after high temperature melting evenly coated on the surface of the paper to form a layer of film, which is laminated paper, after again coated with a layer of silicone oil after the single-sided release paper, waterproof and oil-resistant features.
  • recognize the single-sided release paper, and then talk about this is very simple, single-sided release paper is composed of three layers, double-sided release paper requires a combination of layers together, because single-sided release paper only needs to be laminated and coated with silicone oil on one side of the backing paper, while double-sided release paper needs to be laminated and coated with silicone oil on both sides of the paper, the production process is exactly the same, here do not do more degradation, the next look at  differences Between Single-sided and Double-sided Release Paper.

The difference between single-sided and double-sided release paper

  • Single-sided release paper in most cases because the paper surface has paper hairs and fibres, so the silicon coating must reach a certain amount to ensure that there are no penetration points generally used with sticky materials. It is heat and oil resistant and acts as a barrier for the product. Single-sided release paper is a single-sided release paper with moisture-proof function, commonly used in barcode labels, electronics, industrial aspects, with high temperature resistance and to prevent adhesion, mostly made of paper coated with anti-adhesive substances is a common packaging paper. The type is differentiated according to the material, thickness, elongation, single and double-sided differences.

Double-sided release paper is divided into three types:

  •  light release, normal release and heavy release; it is a common type of Grassian release paper in everyday life. It is also known as release paper and anti-stick paper. Double-sided release paper is coated with a special layer of clay on the surface and then coated with a release agent to produce a double-sided surface release paper, which is widely used for barcode labels because of its flat surface and particularly good toughness; at the same time, the silicone oil on the double-sided release paper has non-affinity physical properties, and the silicone coating process uses a coating machine to coat the silicone on the surface of other materials in rolls to form a silicone oil layer, called silicone oil paper (film), thus achieve the role of non-stick, oil-proof. It is the main material for the production of anti-oil paper, anti-adhesive paper and release film.
silicone paper and tinfoil

Uses of single-sided and double-sided release paper

  • In fact, whether it is single-sided release paper or double-sided release paper, there is no big difference in the process of use, their common features are waterproof and moisture-proof, oil-proof, high temperature resistant and isolation, the difference is that single-sided only one side has these characteristics, while double-sided release paper is double-sided have these characteristics, then we use these characteristics in the process of use, for example: double-sided tape, both sides are For example: double-sided tape, both sides are anti-stick, it is necessary to use double-sided laminated paper, general labels only need a side of the anti-stick effect, the use of single-sided release paper can be, release paper is suitable for the electronics industry, automotive sponge and printing industry, including but not limited to chemical, food, life, pharmaceutical packaging, paper and other categories, especially sticky items are most applicable.

Single-sided  and double-sided release paper

  • only need to understand one of them, the other is very good to understand, everyone according to their own products combined with the characteristics of these two kinds of paper targeted selection of their own release paper, the emergence of release paper has also brought us a lot of convenience, between its advantages, and the cost of relatively low cost of other materials, to get more and more users business and manufacturers of pro-reliance, then also hope that everyone through the single-sided and double-sided release paper of the 3 major differences can have some help and solution to your choice.
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