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Four outstanding advantages of silicone parchment paper

Silicone parchment paper is heat resistant and can be used for pastry baking as well as barbecues etc. This Silicone parchment pape is heated in the microwave oven. It is heat resistant and does not contain fluorescent products, and its quality is not affected by high temperatures. It has good anti-sticking properties and can be used at camping barbecues. So what are the advantages of silicone parchment paper?

High safety (high safety from raw wood pulp)

The Silicone parchment paper is made from imported virgin wood pulp without any added fluorescent agents or other non-national chemicals, making it safe and environmentally friendly.

silicone parchment paper

Long service life (temperature resistant and durable)

  1. High temperature resistance
    Good silicon paper has good temperature resistance characteristics, as long as there is no open flame, no special high temperature can be used, in the baking tray, microwave and oven can also be used as a silicone paper isolation products, will not burn, so it is safer in use, more at ease.
  2. Non-crumple (wraps food and prevents scorching)
    High-end silicone paper as a health paper is not easy to wrinkle, its thickness and smooth surface feel better, not easy to wrinkle and broken, so it is more application, as food wrapping material can prevent baking scorched, paste bottom, but also to maintain the moisture of the food, lock the delicious.
Reasons to use parchment paper

High quality

The quality and safety of the product can be guaranteed by the extremely strict national regulation of silicone paper, and the professional silicone paper is tested by the Quality Inspection Bureau, making it safer to use.

Low price

Compared to similar products, silicone paper is slightly less expensive, but the strong advantages of the paper make it cost effective and available to bakery outlets as well as many food industries.

These are the advantages of silicone paper. It is versatile, does not crumple easily and wraps food for even colour and better food taste after baking. Silicone paper is also healthy and environmentally friendly, and the main materials are environmentally friendly, so there is no threat to health.

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