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Several Works of Lithography Printing

     In the packaging and printing industry, we often encounter a variety of plate printing work.Several Works of Lithography Printing

Several Works of Lithography Printing

1、 Pay attention to ink extraction treatment

       The PS plate treated by ink lifting can increase the photosensitive performance of the photosensitive adhesive, protect the picture and text part, so that it can be inked quickly during printing and feint. At the same time, wiping the developing ink can avoid light, prevent the light reaction of the picture and text part, prolong the service life of the printing plate, and ink lifting is also beneficial to improve the printing resistance. Several Works of Lithography Printing

       Therefore, in addition to the plates that are eager to be printed on the machine, we should adhere to the ink lifting treatment. During operation, we should pay attention to that the phase display ink should be lifted evenly, and the layout should be clean and not dirty.Several Works of Lithography Printing

2、 Attach importance to plate baking

       Wash and dry the PS plate after fixing, and then bake it on the machine, so that the adhesive layer developed by the alkaline solution can play a stabilizing role after heating, and the residual alkaline solution can be heated and volatilized. Several Works of Lithography Printing

       The PS plate treated in this way has good lipophilicity, fast ink extraction and high printing resistance. During operation, pay attention to the PS plate after baking. Before ink lifting, the plate should be cooled and have a certain amount of water. If necessary, two thin layers of glue can be coated to avoid dirt on the ink lifting.Several Works of Lithography Printing

3、 Pay attention to the environment and machine maintenance

1. The printing workshop shall be clean, especially the printing glass. It must be cleaned before work, and the developer shall be cleaned and maintained regularly.Several Works of Lithography Printing

2. The light source and illumination shall be checked regularly. Voltage and power grid inspection, 380 (360-400v)

3. The storage place of PS version should be set in an air-conditioned dark room or a low temperature and dry place, especially away from the sink. When using the PS version, be careful not to bend or wipe the business. Be careful not to touch the version with hands stained with oil or developer.Several Works of Lithography Printing

4、 Pay attention to treating version with phosphoric acid solution.Several Works of Lithography Printing

       Hand developed version shall be treated with 2% – 3% phosphoric acid. Because the photosensitive agent of the exposed part after development is removed by the developer, the image and text part without light is not eroded by the developer and remains on the layout and has photosensitivity. Several Works of Lithography Printing.Several Works of Lithography Printing

      It is necessary to use 2% – 3% dilute phosphoric acid solution for fixing and neutralize the alkaline printing plate surface to stabilize the image and text part. During operation, pay attention not to treat it with phosphoric acid as soon as it is taken out of the developing disc. It should be washed with clean water first, and then the developer should be washed clean.Several Works of Lithography Printing

5、 Pay attention to dirt removal.Several Works of Lithography Printing

      When the PS version after development is cleaned, it is generally cleaned when it is wet. Although this method is easy to remove, it will be dirty due to some deficiencies in pre development. The best way is to wipe a thin layer of glue first, and then remove the dirt after blowing dry and when it seems to be dry. Several Works of Lithography Printing

      The effect is better, which plays a certain role in keeping the layout clean.Several Works of Lithography Printing

6、 Pay attention to rubbing and printing.Several Works of Lithography Printing

        The operation should pay attention to wiping the glue thin and evenly, which can effectively protect the layout. However, this work is often ignored in daily production.Several Works of Lithography Printing

       The thickness of the glue is inconsistent and uneven, or even incomplete, resulting in local damage to the printing plate.Several Works of Lithography Printing

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