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Digital Printing Knowledge

         There are many kinds of inks, including oily, water-based, synthetic resin, powder, etc. with the development of printing technology, materials science, computer science and various interdisciplinary disciplines, new high-tech inks are more and more applied, and their uses are mostly some special products, such as banknotes, stamps, various bonds, invoices, promissory notes, etc. Digital Printing Knowledge

       New inks are mainly used in ticket printing to improve its anti-counterfeiting performance. In addition to normally expressing the corresponding hue, various new inks can also change under the action of external light, heat, reagent or magnetic field as a means of identification.Digital Printing Knowledge

        This type of ink realizes its anti-counterfeiting performance by changing the ink formula or adding some special sensitive materials, such as photosensitive materials, thermal materials, magnetic materials, etc. Digital Printing Knowledge

         Because it is difficult to develop this kind of ink and the price of imported products is high, it is difficult to buy in the market, which increases its anti-counterfeiting in printing. Anti counterfeiting ink is the same as ordinary ink in terms of use. It is suitable for all kinds of printing presses, so it has good universality.Digital Printing Knowledge

Digital Printing Knowledge

         As a kind of non drying ink, plastic ink often does not need to clean the screen printing plate, and the ink remaining on the plate can also be used the next day.Digital Printing Knowledge

     This kind of plastic ink is made into screen printing ink by expanding the ultrafine powder of vinyl acetate copolymer with DOP plasticizer.Digital Printing Knowledge

        Photochromic pigment can also be added to this plastic polymerization agent to make screen printing ink. However, when the characteristics of the photochromic material itself are inhibited, the photochromic pigment itself is completely decomposed.Digital Printing Knowledge

         This phenomenon can be shown after several days. Therefore, it is difficult to use it as a commodity. However, if the plastic resin does not use vinyl acetate copolymer, but uses an ultra-fine powder material with the same characteristics and can control the denaturation of photochromic pigment, it will be an ideal powder photochromic plastic ink.Digital Printing Knowledge

         This kind of ink is one of the most complex modern anti-counterfeiting inks. It is a popular high-tech product at present. Photochromic ink is a kind of reflective ink with pearlescent and metal effect. It can not be copied by color copier and electronic copier. Digital Printing Knowledge

         For products printed with light variable ink, the ink color block presents a pair of colors. Such as magenta blue, green blue, green green, etc.Digital Printing Knowledge

       If the pattern is tilted to 60 °, the pattern can be transferred from one color to another. Because only when the ink film on the printed matter is thick can there be significant color drift, its printing characteristics can not be imitated by any other ink and printing method.Digital Printing Knowledge

          Fluorescent ink is one of the most widely used inks in ticket printing. Its main component is fluorescent pigment. Fluorescent pigments are functional luminous pigments.Digital Printing Knowledge

       The difference from ordinary pigments is that when external light When (including ultraviolet light) is irradiated, it can absorb a certain form of energy and excite photons to release the absorbed energy in the form of low visible light, resulting in fluorescence of different hues.Digital Printing Knowledge

          Different colored lights combine to form abnormally bright colors, and when the light stops irradiation, the luminescence phenomenon disappears, so it is called fluorescent pigment.Digital Printing Knowledge

        Fluorescent pigment is connected with polymer resin and solvent Fluorescent ink can be prepared by grinding with the additives. This kind of ink invisible to the naked eye only emits light under ultraviolet or infrared light.

          It is precisely because of its convertible and hidden characteristics and the characteristics that it can not be accurately copied on the color copier that the ink is widely used in the special printing industry.Digital Printing Knowledge

          Fluorescent ink is suitable for printing paper and vinyl films. Because the inorganic fluorescent substance emits light from the crystal, if the pressure is too high, the crystal can be broken and the luminous brightness can be reduced.Digital Printing Knowledge

         Therefore, relief printing is generally not used, which is very suitable for screen printing and gravure printing. The rheological properties of most fluorescent inks are quasi plastic flow and low viscosity, which determines that the printing process is very different from that of ordinary inks.Digital Printing Knowledge

          In gravure and screen printing, in addition to paying attention to its viscosity, connecting material, dryness and other characteristics, we should also pay attention to the adjustment of its printing pressure, so as not to affect the printing effect due to excessive printing pressure. During screen printing, pay attention to the following points:

Digital Printing Knowledge

(1) Fluorescent ink is suitable for screen below 200 mesh;Digital Printing Knowledge

(2) When the inking amount of printed matter is 50-60g / ㎡, its hair color and light resistance are ideal;Digital Printing Knowledge

(3) When the substrate is a transparent object, white ink should be printed first, which can improve the fluorescence effect.Digital Printing Knowledge

         Thermal ink is a kind of special ink that can change the color of pigment with the change of temperature. Thermal materials can be divided into inorganic, organic, liquid crystal and so on. The ink used for screen printing belongs to liquid crystal ink. Digital Printing Knowledge

       Liquid crystal thermal ink printing is a technology that people are interested in and difficult to master at present.Digital Printing Knowledge

           In terms of manufacturing method, it also belongs to the type of microcapsule structure ink, but in terms of the characteristics of liquid crystal ink, it mainly uses the characteristics of liquid crystal temperature sensitive discoloration.Digital Printing Knowledge

         When making, the liquid crystal and additives enclosed in the micro capsule are dispersed in the connecting material, and its main components are as follows:Digital Printing Knowledge

Water soluble resin, acrylic copolymer emulsion, etc.

● micro capsule liquid crystal, cholesteric benzoate, etc;Digital Printing Knowledge

● defoamer, glycerol, etc.Digital Printing Knowledge

        This kind of ink does not use pigment, has good thixotropy and leveling, and the viscosity is 4-6pa · s.Digital Printing Knowledge

        It is more suitable for screen printing process. The following matters need to be paid attention to in the process of use.Digital Printing Knowledge

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