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Baked cheese easy oil can be used in this semi-cooked cheese rim paper to solve

semi-cooked cheese rim paper

  • Cake has always been one of the favorite foods of many people, but due to various factors such as health and fashion, healthier and more nutritious cheese, especially the better taste of semi-cooked cheese has become a new favorite in the pastry world. So many western cake shops also began to take cheese as the main product, but there are also many businesses because the quality of the food paper is not good enough to affect the appearance of the sales.
semi-cooked cheese rim paper
  • We all love delicious food, but no one really knows how it tastes until we taste it. At that time, if the cheese packaging is exquisite and good-looking, relatively speaking, it will be more likely to cause consumers to buy. Merchants would love to use high-quality cheese rim paper, but the quality of food paper on the market is so uneven that it always soaks up a layer of oil after baking the cheese. Faced with this problem, we introduce this new food grade silicone paper – semi-cooked cheese hem paper.
semi-cooked cheese rim paper
  • Our semi-cooked cheese rim paper is made of 40 grams of imported food grade silicone paper. Silicon coated on one side is used to prevent oil leaking during baking. And the 40G Japanese Graxin paper, silicon coated on one side, so that the paper dense, uniform, strong flexibility, not easy to break; And it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, oil proof and moisture proof, especially suitable for semi-cooked cheese edge paper, easy to release, so that the semi-cooked cheese product is not easy to deformation, forming perfect. The most important thing is that our semi-ripe cheese rim paper can be customized patterns, sizes, etc., to meet customer needs in all directions!
semi-cooked cheese rim paper
  • In the face of all kinds of problems in the food paper market, we still insist on doing safe and healthy food paper, only for a customer’s peace of mind, rest assured. Choose us to make your cake more delicious!
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