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How to remain stretch film's characteristics

How to remain stretch film's characteristics

When people in packaging companies prepare inventory to meet demand, they inevitably face the question of what environment to place the stretch film in in order to maintain the quality of the winding film without affecting future use.

How to remain stretch film's characteristics

First, the wound film needs to be placed in an upright position, not horizontally. Wound film is mainly used for wound packaging, which has the advantages of high vertical and horizontal tensile ratio, high viscosity, retraction force and good penetration resistance, all of which are achieved on the premise of not damaging the film. Therefore, the winding film should be placed vertically and should not be squeezed or scratched to maintain the original advantages of the winding film.

The difference between wrap-around film and stretch film

Another important factor in the storage of wound film is the ambient temperature. The viscosity of wound film is affected by temperature. It is strong at high temperatures, but not very sticky at low temperatures. The viscosity is greatly reduced after stretching. Therefore, the finished film had better be stored in a certain temperature range (recommended storage temperature is 15℃ ~ 25℃). During the Spring Festival, the temperature will generally drop, so it is best to put the winding film indoors, keep room temperature, so as not to affect the subsequent use.

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