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A good quality barbecue paper to attract more repeat customers

Why choose a good barbecue paper

  • With the status of barbecue, barbecue in everyone’s heart continues to climb, the street barbecue shop, barbecue shop is also more and more. All things being equal, consumers will of course choose restaurants where the food looks cleaner and healthier, and often good quality barbecue paper or paper will affect the taste, appearance and texture of the food. Therefore, if a store owner wants to attract more customers, the first step is to choose a high-quality food paper.
quality barbecue paper
  • A barbecue restaurant is a great place to go for a dinner with friends or for a date with a couple. It’s a great place to eat and have fun doing something together. But if the quality of the roast paper is not good enough, it is easy to burn the meat, and then need to constantly change the barbecue paper. Frequent occurrence of this situation will not only affect the dining experience of customers, so that they will not come back later, but also increase the cost of the restaurant. 
quality barbecue paper
  • Therefore, it is very important to choose some high-quality roast paper, and our barbecue paper is made of food-grade silicone paper, waterproof, oil resistant and high temperature.
  • For these impact on the market of public health and business image of food paper, we have been adhere to the health and safety of food paper. Our roast paper is made of imported food grade silicone paper of 40g to 50g; The technology achieves the effect of double-sided silicon coating and single-sided silicon coating, which can effectively waterproof, oil resistant and high temperature resistant. And this food grade silicone paper made of roast paper also has the advantages of good anti-viscosity, good air permeability, paper can also smell a light log fragrance.
quality barbecue paper

Although there are many inferior food paper in the market, we always insist on making the best food grade silicone paper, only for the customers’ peace of mind. Choose us to make your food taste better

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