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Properties of Silicone Papers Usage

Silicone papers is a very common packaging paper, consisting of three layers, with certain waterproof and moisture-proof characteristics, often used in the food packaging industry, like our usual disposable paper cups, is to take its high temperature and oil-resistant anti-permeability characteristics. Let’s take a look at parchment paper from the following aspects.

Silicone papers

Awareness of Parchment paper

Silicone papers is made up of three layers: the first layer is the base paper, the second layer is the lamination (on the base paper, the particles are evenly coated in the base paper by melting them at high temperature with a cast machine, called lamination), and the third layer is silicone oil (silicone oil is also called lamination liquid). Commonly used in the food packaging industry, silicone oil paper is classified into many categories, there are single silicon and double silicon; double-sided silicone oil paper, using imported high-quality silicone oil paper, high temperature resistance, good flatness, good toughness, punching resistance, width can be provided according to user needs; commonly used gram weight: 65g, 70g, 80g. The paper is divided into three types according to the origin: imported and domestic.

The properties of silicone papers are generally described in three ways: firstly, cleanliness; secondly, release; and thirdly, peeling power.

  1. Cleanliness: The cleanliness and cleanliness of the outer surface of the silicone papers can be altered by the external environment, and inevitably there will be some dust in the environment we live in.
  2. The degree of release: There is no very definitive value for the degree of release, and the manufacturer’s formula is required to determine the degree of release of the silicone papers.
  3. Peeling power: Some silicone papers have a strong peeling power, while others have a weak peeling power, so we can choose according to our needs.

Silicone paper usage

  1. Silicone paper is often used in the food industry because it is resistant to high temperatures as well as moisture and oil, making it more in line with the needs of the food industry.
  2. The moisture and oil resistant properties of silicone papers make it possible to isolate a product from other products.
  3. Silicone paper can also be used as packaging for products in the electronics industry.
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Advantages of silicone oil paper over ordinary paper

The advantages of silicone paper over ordinary paper we talk about in five ways: performance, baking function, microwave function, freezing function and characteristics, as follows.

  1. Performance: better non-stick performance, waterproof, oil-proof, anti-adhesive and high temperature resistant, non-stick baking tray. Steam, bake, baked food is not easy to burn, direct baking without greasing
  2. Baking function: non-stick non-grease post, as long as the product is spread on the baking pan before baking, you do not have to worry about cleaning the baking pan, you can also spread on the bottom of the cake mold, better release
  3. Microwave function: this product can replace the shortcomings of aluminium paper which cannot be microwaved.
  4. Freezing function: Use this product to separate the food before freezing to prevent it from freezing into a ball, making thawing and cooking easier.
  5. Features: Silicone papers is non-stick, waterproof, almost equivalent to tinfoil in effect and function, but cheaper than tinfoil (the main difference with tinfoil is that it cannot be directly grilled over an open fire).

 Silicone paper is more and more widely used, but also more and more close to our lives, as long as the correct understanding and understanding of silicone paper, life we will often use it, such as the need to purchase this paper, you can contact our company: a company focused on paper products production years, professional production team, any questions you can enjoy consulting our service staff, Ali search Shandong Deruna can enter our shop, there are more high-quality products for your reference, but also look forward to providing you with the best quality silicone paper and other products

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