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Properties and uses of copy papers

What is copy papers?

Copy papers is a kind of advanced cultural and industrial paper with high production difficulty. The technical characteristics of this product are mainly as follows: high physical strength, excellent uniformity and transparency, and good appearance, fine, flat, smooth, no bubble sand, and good printability.


Weight:17~20g/m2, flat paper size:787×I092mm.
17g positive degree specifications:used for, VAT tickets, gift inner packaging, – generally pure white.
Copy papers is thin and tough, suitable for printing multi-layered duplicate books; used in book binding to protect art works and play an aesthetic role.

copy papers

Production processes

The production of general printing paper is divided into two basic processes: pulp and paper making, pulp is the use of mechanical methods, chemical methods or a combination of both methods to dissociate plant fiber raw materials into native pulp or bleached pulp. Paper making is to combine the pulp fibers floating in water, through various processes, into paper pages that meet various requirements.


Copy papers is thin and tough, suitable for printing multiple copies of the book; in the book binding for the protection of art works and play a beautiful role, copy paper is very wide range of uses.

  1.  fruit packaging: copy paper is an important paper in the northern fruit packaging materials, began to be mainly used for packaging snow pear, thus the name snow pear paper.
  2. clothing, shoes, leather goods, hardware packaging: in the southern market of China, copy paper is mainly used for clothing, shoes, leather goods and other products packaging
  3. porcelain, wine industry, handicraft packaging: with moisture-proof, breathable, protective, shaping role.
  4. copy paper printing: copy paper has good printing effect, can print single color, two-color, four-color, corporate Logo, trademark, can be dyed into red, orchid, gold, silver and other colors. Used for engraving in seal engraving art:Because of the special nature of copy paper, it is thin and makes the ink not spread, thus copy paper is mostly used to write the printing draft when seal engraving.
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