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Production and use of laminated paper

Laminated paper, we also call it PELaminate paper, single plastic Laminate paper, double plastic laminate paper, waterproof laminate paper, moisture-proof laminate paper, PE paper, plastic coated paper.
The main types of Laminate paper are: single plastic Laminate paper and double plastic laminate paper. Single plastic laminate paper: we also call it single-sided laminate paper because it is laminated on one side and it is plastic particles, so we will also call laminated paper single plastic laminated paper.

We also call it double-sided Laminate paper because it is laminated on both sides, both are laminated with PE plastic particles, we will also call it double plasticLaminate paper.

laminated paper

Thermal lamination properties of laminated paper

Laminate paper is in the case of a variety of kraft paper as the original paper, in a variety of kraft paper above the hot melt PE plastic particles evenly coated on the surface of the paper, thus forming a laminate paper, compared to ordinary paper, laminate paper has waterproof, oil-proof and other characteristics, and PE plastic particles are composite materials, oil-proof, waterproof, can be heat-sealed and other characteristics, but when used in different industries will go to its different characteristics, when the package of food, it will automatically take its oil-proof characteristics, when used in the copper plate paper order packaging, take its waterproof characteristics, when used in automatic packaging machine packaging, it will take its can be heat-sealed characteristics.

We all know that ordinary paper is composed of wood fibres, absorbent, so we all also know that paper absorbs moisture and is also afraid of moisture, and the use of laminating machine will pe plastic hot melt after evenly coated with paper surface, forming a very thin layer of film, due to the hot melt on the surface of the paper, you can combine paper and film firmly not easy to detach, and the whole process does not use hot chemical solvents, very environmentally friendly, and in the later secondary processing packaging, also do not need adhesives, directly with the help of this layer of pe film, under the hot melt seal.


Uses of Laminate paper

Food Laminate paper uses: like in the food packaging if the use of Laminate paper packaging, can effectively play a moisture-proof, and oil-proof and other effects. Disposable paper cups, hamburger bags, melon bags, paper lunch boxes, food paper bags, airline cleaning bags and a series of other products are all made from pe laminate paper.
In industrial use: like ordinary industrial use, the main use of laminate paper for moisture and waterproof, factory used to paste in the surface of the building materials, blocking moisture into the plate inside.

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