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Precautions For Using UV Printing

      Ink roller, blanket or resin plate are often used in packaging printing.Precautions For Using UV Printing

Precautions For Using UV Printing

       The use of UV ink or UV varnish may cause the swelling of general printing ink roller, blanket or resin plate.

        If the swelling is more serious, peeling or surface fragmentation will occur. It is very important to select appropriate or use specified UV special blanket and resin plate.Precautions For Using UV Printing

       Many UV ink suppliers will recommend a standard range. For example, the materials of blanket treated with nitrification or butyl nitrification may be combined with oily, UV ink or polishing oil. Precautions For Using UV Printing

       Natural rubber and polyethane materials will swell and cannot be applied to UV ink and varnish.Precautions For Using UV Printing

       The blanket made of EPDM is especially suitable for UV ink and varnish, but it may not be suitable for general oil-based ink. EPDM rubber blanket can not use oil refining lotion, so special lotion should be purchased. Precautions For Using UV Printing

       Similarly, the ink roller of the printing press is selected according to this principle. UV ink and general oily ink can not be changed frequently. If it is necessary to change the ink, it must be cleaned very clean to remove all possible residual chemicals.Precautions For Using UV Printing

UV lamp

       The arrangement between the UV lamp units and the set working intensity of each one, so that the UV ink or varnish of the printed matter can be fully and properly cured, depends on the printing speed, the thickness of the ink film and the brightness of the ink color. Precautions For Using UV Printing

       Generally, only specialized UV technology suppliers in the printing industry will carefully consider the type of printing press and the needs of various finished products, and recommend a suitable UV system.Precautions For Using UV Printing

        Best-uv uses “industrial medium pressure mercury lamp” or “metal halogen lamp” for UV printing and varnish applications. Such as the first color (such as cyan), print the standard ink film thickness (1.20-1.40g/m2) at the speed of 100M / min, two 120W / cm medium pressure mercury lamps are used for curing.Precautions For Using UV Printing

        If the color with high color concentration and darker color is printed in 1-2 overlapping colors, the difficulty of overall curing will be greatly increased, because the UV light is quickly absorbed by the pigment of deep ink.Precautions For Using UV Printing

       Generally, the difficulty of curing 4-color UV ink is magenta, yellow, cyan and black in order, so UV The color sequence of color printing shall be black, cyan, yellow and magenta. Precautions For Using UV Printing

       Some color matching / spot colors are also very difficult to cure, such as green mixed with yellow and cyan, opaque color that can reflect UV light back, etc. Similarly, gold, silver and other metal colors also have the same problem.Precautions For Using UV Printing

       The accurate and stable control of temperature in the operation of UV lamp also has a direct and inestimable impact on the transmission power. Precautions For Using UV Printing

      At present, in the face of the application of high variables (color, material, speed, etc.) of UV printing, it is difficult to fully meet the specific requirements. Precautions For Using UV Printing

       The best-uv system adopts a water circulation cooling system, combined with air cooling and strong exhaust devices, which can ideally realize various forms of UV solidification, and prevent the lamp, radiator and circuit from overheating and short circuit.Precautions For Using UV Printing

        The working temperature of the quartz tube wall of the UV lamp is generally about 800 ℃ (there are certain changes according to the power adjustment). Precautions For Using UV Printing

      Once the paper dust, air dust particles, fingerprints and stains on the lamp tube pass through the high-temperature working process, they will become permanent residues and affect the emission of UV light. Precautions For Using UV Printing

        Therefore, it is very important to carry out the daily maintenance of the lamp tube regularly (wipe with a soft cloth dipped in an appropriate amount of anhydrous alcohol).Precautions For Using UV Printing

       The lamp tube with power attenuation will cause trouble in printing, so it must be replaced in time to avoid affecting the overall operation.Precautions For Using UV Printing

      The life of UV lamp is limited. Generally, when the radiation intensity is 75%, the output efficiency is reduced, so it is difficult to achieve effective curing. The best-uv system has clear instructions on the service time, status and whether the lamp needs to be replaced.Precautions For Using UV Printing


       If the reflector is not installed, about 80% of the UV light does not act on the printed matter due to diffusion. Therefore, the UV lamp must be equipped with a lampshade to reflect and focus on the direction of the printed matter. The importance of the reflector can not be ignored.Precautions For Using UV Printing

      The reflector of best-uv lamp box adopts water circulating cooling system to ensure accurate temperature control in operation. The reflector must be cleaned and maintained. Precautions For Using UV Printing

      The dust of paper or powder spraying attached to the reflector will affect the reflection effect of UV lamp. Usually, when UV is not used, the best-uv lampshade pneumatically automatically closes the lamp box to prevent dust.Precautions For Using UV Printing

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