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Precautions when customizing stretch film

The color of the wound film is mostly transparent

Precautions for stretching film.The winding film is generally used for the packaging of goods, and the common winding film color is mostly transparent. In fact, due to actual needs, many customers will go to the manufacturer to make winding films of various colors.

Precautions for stretching film

Precautions for stretching film,Wuxi Jiayou small series refers to several problems that should be paid attention to when making custom winding film

  1. Precautions for stretching film.When selecting a thickness, you must select a thicker thickness. In general, 22-23mic is recommended. Why? This is because the raw materials of the winding film are brand-new materials, and the physical properties of PE are transparent. If it is too thin, the color is not obvious after stretching!
  2. Precautions for stretching film.Quality can not be missed and perfect! The only reason why the film color is different from the raw material color is that the film quality is different!
  3. Precautions for stretching film. After stretching, it is normal that a single layer cannot cover the content! The first one has said that the material of stretched film is PE, and the new material PE is transparent. After adding color, the stretched film still cannot change its physical properties and is transparent. If you need to cover the content, you can go around a few more times!

Looking for flexible packaging film looking for Wuxi Jiayou packaging

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The key technical problems in the production of winding film are

Precautions for stretching film.Due to the high viscosity of the tackifying master batch, the adhesion between the suction pipe and the base metal is simple, resulting in the blockage of the weighing equipment and the conveying pipeline, which seriously affects the accurate measurement and feeding of the base metal, resulting in the unstable function of the product. In order to solve this problem, in many experiments of the Plastics Research Institute, polyethylene and tackifying master batch are mixed in proportion to obtain master batch, and then the viscosity of the surface particles is reduced to make the materials mixed uniformly in proportion. 


Precautions for stretching film.the materials are transported through the vacuum straw, the material supply is stable and accurate, and the proportion of tackifying master batch can be adjusted. In the production process of winding film, the proportion of tackifying masterbatch is adjusted with the change of seasons, which is about 1% higher than that in summer and winter. Two layers of tackifying masterbatch can be added to obtain double-sided adhesive packaging film.

Metallocene Linear low density polyethylene has very high viscosity

Precautions for stretching film.he movement of the melt from the die lip to the back of the movable roll is very large: the full width of the die lip of this production line is 2700 mm. However, the melt movement width from die lip extrusion to roll casting is only 2500 mm. This makes it difficult to control the thickness of the edge of the winding film and affects the thickness curve of the entire width of the winding film.

Good solution

  1. Precautions for stretching film.That is, change the orientation of the static blanks on both sides and the included angle between the static blanks and the casting roll, then stop the film edge safely, then adjust the thermal expansion bolts of the die head to correspond to the edge coating film from the beginning, and completely loosen the edge coating bolts (five to six on each side).
  2. Precautions for stretching film.Then adjust from the beginning, input the full width value of the winding film accurately into the computer, and ensure that the die head thermal expansion bolt corresponds to the winding film scale controlled by the die head thermal expansion bolt. Then the thickness of the winding film is better controlled to ensure the uniformity of the thickness curve of the winding film.
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