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This material is pp material snow mei niang base, can be reused, environmental protection and economic

pp material

With the improvement of living standards, people began to pursue the high quality of life, is not what it used to be casual and more to the requirement of food, requires not only delicious, but also has the beautiful appearance, so the appearance of the food and packaging also become one of the methods of premium now plenty of food, and this is why a lot of snacks can use is made of pp material xue mei niang tap for decorative packaging.

pp material

Current market situation

Of course as a food-grade baking cake paper holder, tap, besides we focus or practical enough, should have on safety and health protection, but now on the market a lot of snacks tap the material is pp material, but the inferior paper as raw materials, tap need to direct contact with food, inferior tap will affect the dim sum of safety and health, It brings hidden dangers to the health of consumers, and it also has a series of quality problems such as not resistant to freezing and not durable.


As food-grade silicone oil mill, we fully consider the, there are a lot of fake and shoddy tap on the market, have developed a can put the snacks such as snow mei niang, glutinous rice Ci xue mei niang tap, the snow meiniang tap USES is PP material, has passed the certification of the state administration of quality supervision inspection center, can be assured that come into direct contact with food, uniform thickness, PP material can effectively resist frozen, Environmentally friendly and durable, it can be reused, cleaned, dried and collected after use, and can be used again next time, both environmentally friendly and economical.


Custom colours and sizes

  • And in appearance, we had a snow meiniang tap has a variety of colors and designs for the customer to choose, have coffee color, white, red, yellow, green, orange, grey and other colors, with YunLongWen, cherry blossoms, shanzhu for design, pink department with white snow mei niang and glutinous rice Ci, pure and fresh quietly elegant, not make public, and pleasing, It is a wonderful visual enjoyment, can raise the premium of food, but also can arouse consumers’ desire to buy.
  • In terms of size, the size of xueminiang bottom tray is 160mm*160mm*50mm(160*160= length and width, 50= bottom of paper cup). For customers with personalized needs, patterns and sizes can be customized.

As a food grade silicone paper production experts, we always adhere to the quality of survival, to product development and development, although there are many fake and shoddy snow Mei Niang bottom and food grade silicone paper on the market, but we adhere to good product quality, only for customers a peace of mind.

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