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Copy paper manufacturing technology

Copy paper manufacturing technology

Technical characteristics of photocopying paper

photocopying paper is a kind of advanced cultural and industrial paper with a high degree of production elegance. The technical characteristics of the product are as follows: high physical strength, excellent uniformity and transparency, and good surface properties, fine, flat, smooth, no bubble sand, good printability. -The production of general printing paper is divided into two basic processes: pulp and paper making, pulp is the use of mechanical methods, chemical methods or a combination of both methods to dissociate plant fiber raw materials into native pulp or bleached pulp. Paper is suspended in water pulp fibers, after a variety of processing combined into a variety of requirements for the paper page.

The basic process of photocopying paper technology

photocopying paper

Paper mills generally need to store enough raw materials for 46 months so that they can undergo natural fermentation in storage to facilitate pulp making and ensure continuous production. After the preparation section of the reed, straw and wood and other raw materials cut into pieces of material or wood and then put the small pieces of raw materials into the cooker with chemical liquid, steam cooking, the raw materials cooked into pulp, or send the wood break to the wood mill to grind into pulp, but also after a certain degree of cooking and then grinding into pulp. Then the pulp is washed with fresh water, and the coarse pieces, knots, stones and sand are removed from the pulp through screening and purification. The pulp is then bleached to the required whiteness with a whitening agent according to the requirements of the paper grade, followed by pulping using pulping equipment. Then add filler, glue, sizing agent and other auxiliary materials to improve the performance of the paper, and again for purification and screening, and finally sent to the paper machine after the net source of water, press dehydration, drying cylinder, calendering roll, and slitting rewinding or cutting to produce rolls of paper and flat paper. If the production to produce coated printing paper, it is necessary to dry the middle or production into the roll paper after the coating process and achieve.

In addition to the above basic process, but also includes some auxiliary processes, such as the preparation of cooking liquid, the preparation of bleaching liquid, glue forgiveness and cooking waste liquid and exhaust gas in the recovery of chemicals and thermal energy, etc. How to understand the judgment is a really good copy paper? In fact, it is very simple, the first check whether its appearance is flat, fine, uniform light curvature second check its physical strength performance, marked by high tear, marked by the higher transparency of the photocopying paper, marked by its higher quality. Usually good photocopying paper, 17g/m2 copy paper for example, can usually cover up to 6-8 layers, and extremely good up to 12 layers

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