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How to bake a cake without burning, do you need this food-grade parchment papers

What is essential to a baking job? Baking paper, of course, baking paper as a direct contact with the cake food paper, directly related to the taste of the cake and health, so the selection of high quality baking paper is very important.

parchment papers

The dangers of poor quality baking paper

  • But there are so many different kinds of parchment papers on the market that it’s impossible to distinguish quality. Many cake shops have quality problems in the baking paper, using inferior materials, resulting in the baking paper is not able to withstand high temperature, the baking process is easy to burn the bottom of the cake, affecting the taste of the cake, thus affecting the reputation of the cake shop and brand. Inferior baking paper oil and waterproof effect is poor, easy to appear oil and water permeability, will pose a threat to baking equipment, and baking paper replacement frequency is high, long-term cost is relatively high.
Food pape

Our baking paper

  • Our food silicone oil paper considering these problems, in order to solve these problems with baking on market, has been strictly control the quality of the baking food silicone oil paper, material for 40 grams to 50 grams of imported food grade silicone oil paper, this kind of food can be prevent food silicone oil paper and paper sticky, high temperature resistant to effectively prevent food burnt paste, can prevent oil, waterproof, moistureproof, Avoid oil penetration and wetting, safety and environmental protection, to protect the health of consumers.
parchment paper
  • Although there are a lot of inferior food wrappers in the market, we always insist on good product quality, only for a customer’s peace of mind. Choose us to make your cake more delicious!
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