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Technical Indicators of Paper Products

     Today, Xiaobian will discuss with you the technical indicators of paper products (we usually use the following parameters to describe a piece of paper)!Technical Indicators of Paper Products

Technical Indicators of Paper Products

    Technical Indicators of Paper Products

    Quantitative, also known as “gram weight”: the weight of paper per square meter, we often say 80 grams, is 80 grams per square meter. Symbol: g / m2 or g / m2 or GSM.Technical Indicators of Paper Products


      Whiteness, also known as “Brightness”: there are two white meter operation modes: one is that the general value of illumination whiteness (also known as luminosity) is below 120 degrees, which is commonly used in China. The whiteness of copy paper in China is generally between 96-106 degrees. The other is CIE whiteness, which can reach 170 degrees.Technical Indicators of Paper Products


      Density, also known as “uniformity or evenness”: when we point a piece of paper in the direction of strong light, we can see whether the raw materials of the paper are evenly distributed. Good light transmittance of paper means good uniformity of paper. Technical Indicators of Paper Products

      With the continuous improvement of production technology and the improvement of market demand in recent years, the density of paper has also made great progress.Technical Indicators of Paper Products


    Stiffness: the paper itself contains wood pulp fiber, which is one of the factors determining the stiffness of the paper. There are three types of paper fibers: long fiber, short fiber and recycled fiber (recycled waste paper); The corresponding raw materials are coniferous pulp, broad-leaved pulp and recycled pulp (usually expressed in an international way).Technical Indicators of Paper Products


       Generally speaking, the stiffness of the same type of paper produced by coniferous pulp, broad-leaved pulp and recycled pulp is reduced.Technical Indicators of Paper Products


      The paper is strong and feels hard. It makes a clear and loud sound when shaking; The flatness of the paper is poor, the feel is relatively soft, and the sound is low when shaking.Technical Indicators of Paper Products


      Smoothness: This is a parameter to measure the smoothness of the paper surface. Different paper has different requirements for smoothness.Technical Indicators of Paper Products


     Printing paper (including double-sided adhesive paper, coated paper, pattern paper, etc.) can be printed and bound into books with different gloss and smoothness according to actual needs.Technical Indicators of Paper Products


      Office paper (mainly copier paper) shall be smooth with moderate smoothness. Too smooth, easy to make the grinding wheel of the machine slip, which is not conducive to the paper entering the printing; Technical Indicators of Paper Products

     Too rough will accelerate the wear of mechanical parts such as ink cartridge, and the toner consumption is large. Similarly, with the progress of production technology, customers’ satisfaction with the smoothness of products has gradually increased in recent years. Technical Indicators of Paper Products

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