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Application of various types of paper products

In the electronics industry, anti-static copper sheet release paper is highly preferred. The anti-static copper sheet release paper should have a certain degree of stiffness, not too soft, light release force, uniformity, and good peeling force, so as to meet the requirements of anti-static protection. Our copper sheet release paper can be customized according to customers’ requirements, such as grammage, thickness, release force, width, etc.

Kraft paper in paper products

With the progress of the times, our requirements for packaging kraft paper have also improved. In different industries, the requirements for kraft paper are different. Some focus on quality, some focus on color, some focus on thickness and some focus on domestic and imported, etc.. Our company has a variety of grams, colors, specifications, etc. in stock. We can rewind, slit and slit according to customers’ requirements. In our life, color is also a part of the market. We also print logos or other patterns, etc., according to the customer’s requirements.

White cardboard in paper products

White cardboard is a kind of thick paper with firmness and large weight. The main use of white paper is printing business cards, certificates, invitations, calendars and so on. White card paper also requires high stiffness, breakage resistance and smoothness, and the paper surface is flat, no streaks, spots and other paper diseases, and no warping and deformation of the phenomenon.

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Single copper paper in paper products

Single copper paper has a bright surface, even coating, and fast ink absorption with good printability, suitable for delicate color printing. Double copper paper is divided into single-sided and double-sided coated coated copper paper, which is one of the most commonly used papers in cultural publishing, advertising design, printing and binding, and industrial and commercial sectors.

Release paper in paper products

Release paper we also call silicone paper, anti-stick paper. Release paper plays an important role in isolating objects with stickiness, such as tape. Release paper is generally required to be peeled off and discarded when used; nowadays, it is widely used as a carrier for adhesive tape or perhaps adhesive products, and of course in the food and health care industry, there are many uses for release paper, and different types of release paper have different uses

Classification of release papers

Release paper can be divided into many kinds, such as laminated release paper, CCK release paper, Grassian release paper, other release paper, etc.. They can also be divided by color, such as white silicon, yellow silicon and cow silicon. The release force, specifications, and grammage are customized according to customer requirements. At present, there are many industries that apply release paper, and it is favored by various industries.

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