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Development History of Paper Machine

    Paper machine is a machine that includes the preparation of raw materials, pulping and papermaking until the finished products are made into rolls or plates, as well as the processing of paper and paperboard.Development History of Paper Machine

Development History of Paper Machine

Aper machine toilet paper machine, Paper Machine

      Paper is one of the four great inventions in ancient China. As early as 105 years ago. Cai Lun summarized the use of hemp fiber in papermaking since the Western Han Dynasty, and improved the papermaking process by using raw materials such as bark, hemp head, rag and old fishing net.Development History of Paper Machine

      Papermaking was later introduced into Europe. At the beginning of the 18th century, Dutch pulping machine appeared, which transformed pulping technology into pulp. In 1798, after his brother Neil f County in England, Robert of France obtained a patent in the hands of his brother Neil f County in England in 1803. Development History of Paper Machine

     The British improved the continuous paper long net paper machine through technology promotion, and successfully manufactured the first paper in 1805; In 1809, Dickinson, an Englishman, tried to make a circular mesh paper machine.Development History of Paper Machine

     In 1839, when preparing pulping materials, Peter of Germany began to cook old cotton pulp in a steamer; In 1843, Heller of Germany invented wood pulp with stripped wood fibers. In 1851, British Burgess and American Watt invented caustic soda wood pulp.Development History of Paper Machine

      In 1857, Tillman of the United States invented sulfite pulp technology. In 1884, German chemist Dahl invented the technology of making wood pulp with sulfate. These inventions opened the way for wood as the main raw material of papermaking. By the beginning of the 20th century, paper machine has become a large and high-yield industrial machine.Development History of Paper Machine


      Since the 1950s, there have been many developments and innovations in paper machinery. For example, in the preparation and pulping equipment, there are vertical continuous digesters, displacement scrubbers, hot rolling mills, new pressure screens, slag removers, etc. In the paper machine, there are new types of pulp box, net clamp, compound machine, polyester forming net and so on.Development History of Paper Machine

      After the 1960s, thyristor DC motor speed regulation system was stable and began to be widely used in paper machines. Electronic technology was used to detect, control and record papermaking process parameters, such as machine speed, concentration, temperature and flow, material, drying, quantification, plate thickness, tension and force, etc. Development History of Paper Machine

      By the 1980s, large vertical continuous digesters could produce 1350 tons of pulp per day. The door width of the paper machine can reach 10m, the speed is more than 1000m / min, and the daily output is more than 500 tons.Development History of Paper Machine

      According to the technological process of pulping and papermaking, papermaking machinery can be divided into three categories: pulping equipment, paper machine and finishing and processing machinery.Development History of Paper Machine

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