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Overview of Commonly Used Printing Paper

       Modern packaging and printing products often use a variety of paper, including most of our daily needs.Overview of Commonly Used Printing Paper

Overview of Commonly Used Printing Paper

art paper

     The pigment, adhesive and auxiliary materials are made into coatings, which are coated on the surface of paperboard by special equipment. After drying and calendering, a smooth and dense coating is formed on the paper surface to obtain coated paper with good surface performance and printing performance.Overview of Commonly Used Printing Paper

       It is mainly used for cigarette boxes, labels, cartons, etc. The most commonly used paper has good surface gloss and is suitable for various color effects.Overview of Commonly Used Printing Paper

      Mainly single-sided offset printing paper. The paper surface is white and smooth, but the whiteness, tightness and smoothness are lower than those of coated paper. Overview of Commonly Used Printing Paper

       Super calendered offset paper has better smoothness and tightness than ordinary calendered offset paper. After printing words and patterns, it can be pasted with yellow board paper into a carton.Overview of Commonly Used Printing Paper

Trademark paper

      The commercial paper is white and has good printingperformance. It is used to make trademark marks.Overview of Commonly Used Printing Paper

       Including box board paper, cement bag paper, high-strength corrugated paper and brown paperboard. Kraft paper is a high-strength packaging paper with tough texture, high strength and yellowish brown paper surface made of softwood kraft pulp.Overview of Commonly Used Printing Paper

      From the appearance, it can be divided into single-sided light, double-sided light, striped, non striped and other varieties, with slightly different quality requirements. 

       Kraft paper is mainly used for making small paper bags, document bags and inner packaging of industrial products, textiles and daily necessities. Kraft paper is divided into u, a and B3 grades.Overview of Commonly Used Printing Paper

Corrugated paper

       Corrugated paper is pressed into corrugated shape in the production process. After making corrugated board, it will provide paperboard elasticity, flat compression strength, and affect the vertical compression strength. Overview of Commonly Used Printing Paper

      For corrugated paper, the paper surface shall be flat and the thickness shall be consistent, and there shall be no paper diseases such as wrinkles, cracks and holes, otherwise it will increase the broken end fault in the production process and affect the product quality.Overview of Commonly Used Printing Paper

Paper bag paper

      Similar to kraft paper, paper bag paper is mostly produced from softwood kraft pulp. It is also produced in China with some bamboo pulp, cotton stalk pulp and rag pulp.Overview of Commonly Used Printing Paper

      Therefore, paper bag paper has high mechanical strength and is generally used to make packaging bags for cement, pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other industrial products.Overview of Commonly Used Printing Paper

        In order to meet the requirements of filling, paper bag paper is required to have certain air permeability and large elongation.Overview of Commonly Used Printing Paper

      Cellophane is a kind of widely used lining paper and decorative packaging paper. Its transparency makes it clear to the inner goods at a glance. After the surface is coated with plastic, it has the properties of moisture-proof, impermeable, impermeable and heat sealing, which plays a good role in protecting the goods.Overview of Commonly Used Printing Paper

      Compared with ordinary plastic film, it has the advantages of no static electricity, dust prevention and good kink. Cellophane has white, color, etc.Overview of Commonly Used Printing Paper.It is a kind of flat paper with smooth surface and strong texture.Overview of Commonly Used Printing Paper

White paperboard

      White paperboard is divided into double-sided white paperboard and single-sided white paperboard. Double sided white paperboard is only used for the packaging of high-grade commodities. Overview of Commonly Used Printing Paper

      Generally, single-sided white paperboard is mostly used for cartons, such as the outer packaging boxes for cigarettes, cosmetics, drugs, food, stationery and other commodities.Overview of Commonly Used Printing Paper

Composite paper

       Paper and paperboard are laminated with other plastics, aluminum foil and cloth with adhesive to obtain composite processing paper. Composite processing paper can not only improve the appearance performance and strength of paper and paperboard, but also improve the properties of waterproof, moisture-proof, oil resistance, air tightness and fragrance preservation.Overview of Commonly Used Printing Paper

       At the same time, it can also obtain heat sealing, light blocking, heat resistance and so on. The production methods of composite paper include wet process, dry process, thermal melting and extrusion.Overview of Commonly Used Printing Paper

      Paper for printing. It can be divided into newsprint, book paper, cover paper, securities paper, etc. According to different printing methods, it can be divided into relief printing paper, gravure printing paper, offset printing paper, etc.Overview of Commonly Used Printing Paper.It mainly includes color printing carton and color printing carton.

      It is a packaging paper made by coating asphalt between two layers of base paper. It is mainly used for moisture-proof packaging of cigarettes and fruit packaging. Overview of Commonly Used Printing Paper

       The moisture-proof paper has a certain moisture-proof ability, and its moisture-proof rate is at least 15%.Overview of Commonly Used Printing Paper

      The good moisture-proof paper is evenly coated, firmly bonded, free of paper layer cracking and asphalt penetration, with a heat resistance of no less than 85 degrees and no odor, so as not to affect the quality of cigarettes. However, the paper is not used to pack cigarettes at present.Overview of Commonly Used Printing Paper

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