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On Anti-Counterfeiting Ink

        Anti counterfeiting is a highly technical industry. Its market is closely related to technology, and the whole market has many subdivided fields. Different commodities and different use environments need different anti-counterfeiting technologies. On Anti-Counterfeiting Ink

      No anti-counterfeiting technology is suitable for all anti-counterfeiting fields. This paper will briefly introduce the anti-counterfeiting technology based on ink.On Anti-Counterfeiting Ink

On Anti-Counterfeiting Ink

         Anti counterfeiting ink, that is, ink with anti-counterfeiting performance, is an extremely important anti-counterfeiting technology field, which has a wide range of applications and involves many disciplines.On Anti-Counterfeiting Ink

       Anti counterfeiting ink is a special ink with anti-counterfeiting function generated by adding some special substances to ordinary ink. On Anti-Counterfeiting Ink

       It is used to print products that need anti-counterfeiting. Its formula and process are confidential and should be strictly managed; Anti counterfeiting products shall also be supplied to designated manufacturers at fixed points and regularly, and special personnel shall be assigned to use the machine to strictly prevent proliferation. Anti counterfeiting ink is the most widely used anti-counterfeiting material at present. It can be divided into the following categories according to its different characteristics.On Anti-Counterfeiting Ink

1. Visible fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink excited by ultraviolet light source

      UV light source excites visible fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink, including long wave UV light source excites visible fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink, short wave UV light source excites visible fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink, and long and short wave dual UV light sources excite visible fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink.On Anti-Counterfeiting Ink

        Due to the low technical content of visible fluorescence anti-counterfeiting ink excited by UV light source, it is not difficult to copy the seven or eight phase image, so its anti-counterfeiting ability is poor. Now, the users of anti-counterfeiting ink excited by UV light source alone are greatly reduced.On Anti-Counterfeiting Ink

2. Photochromic anti-counterfeiting ink

       Photochromic anti-counterfeiting ink is made by special technology. When the observer changes the observation angle, its color changes. At present, several domestic companies have mastered this technology, so their anti-counterfeiting ability has decreased greatly. With the further diffusion of this technology, it is also possible to follow the example of UV light source exciting visible fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink and gradually withdraw from the field of anti-counterfeiting printing.On Anti-Counterfeiting Ink

3. Visible fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink excited by infrared light source

      Visible fluorescence anti-counterfeiting ink excited by infrared light source is a new anti-counterfeiting ink. It uses special synthetic chemical markers to produce visible fluorescence excited by infrared light source. Due to the different materials of synthetic chemical markers, they can emit different colors of fluorescence excited by different infrared light sources.On Anti-Counterfeiting Ink

        In addition to directly observing the color and brightness of fluorescence with the naked eye to identify the authenticity of products, special identification instruments can also be used to automatically identify the authenticity of products by analyzing their spectral characteristics. This technology has high anti-counterfeiting ability and is suitable for wide use in anti-counterfeiting printing.On Anti-Counterfeiting Ink

4. Chemical discoloration anti-counterfeiting ink

        Chemical color changing anti-counterfeiting ink adds a special chemical color developing marker to the ink. The use of supporting color developing agent can make the products printed with this anti-counterfeiting ink produce a specific color changing reaction, so as to facilitate users to identify the authenticity of the products.On Anti-Counterfeiting Ink

       The chemical color changing anti-counterfeiting ink also contains an “unlocking anti-counterfeiting technology”, which is made of chemical encryption and color development. Only using another supporting chemical color developer, can the UV light source be used to stimulate the corresponding fluorescence reaction and color development, so as to identify the authenticity, just like unlocking with a key. Because this technology can make the ink into colorless ink or hide it in other colors, it has strong anti-counterfeiting ability.On Anti-Counterfeiting Ink

        Magnetic anti-counterfeiting ink is only made of strong magnetic materials at the beginning. To identify the authenticity is to check whether it is magnetic. Because magnetic materials are easy to obtain and it is not difficult to prepare magnetic anti-counterfeiting ink, its anti-counterfeiting ability is low. On Anti-Counterfeiting Ink

      Later, a magnetic anti-counterfeiting ink made of weak magnetic materials was developed, which was printed into different magnetic codes, which can be identified by a special identification instrument, so that its anti-counterfeiting ability has been improved to a certain extent.On Anti-Counterfeiting Ink

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