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Functions of Pulp Molded Products

      Pulp molding is a three-dimensional papermaking technology. It uses waste paper as raw material and forms special shape paper products through special molds on the mold machine.Functions of Pulp Molded Products


Functions of Pulp Molded Products

Functions of Pulp Molded Products

     The function of pulp molded products is: packaging products make articles packaged and protected, convenient and practical.Functions of Pulp Molded Products

     The main function of pulp molded products is to package and protect articles.Functions of Pulp Molded Products

     Pulp molded products shall be able to be reliably packaged, and the packaged products shall not be damaged during transportation, loading, unloading and use, and shall have strength, stiffness and stability requirements. The materials used in pulp molded products are also safe for packaging products, and they do not interact.Functions of Pulp Molded Products

     Easy to use, that is, the structure of pulp molded products should be humanized. The structure and shape of pulp molded products shall not endanger human body, and shall adapt to the operation and treatment of human body.Functions of Pulp Molded Products

     In addition, pulp molded products can prolong the corresponding time and absorb external energy through their own special structure, so as to reduce the impact and vibration of packaging materials. It is different from the foam packaging products of cushioning mechanism. Functions of Pulp Molded Products

     Because of the foam products, it has good cushioning properties with a large number of compressible materials due to the internal distribution of the foams, no matter what the shape of the products is. Functions of Pulp Molded Products

     If the pulp and plastic film materials and foam are made a large plane, the former is obviously a buffer zone, and the latter has no buffering, so for the pulp plastic film products,.Functions of Pulp Molded Products

     Good structural design is the basic guarantee for improving the damping capacity in the process of transportation and handling within its complete protection range.Functions of Pulp Molded Products

     The structural performance of the design directly affects the strength, stiffness, stability and practicability of the packaging, that is, the structure of pulp molded products will directly affect the realization of its packaging function.Functions of Pulp Molded Products

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