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How to Make Pulp

    We use a lot of paper in our daily life. Do we know how paper is made? What is the raw material of paper?How to Make Pulp  

How to Make Pulp

      Pulp is a fiber material made of plant fiber through different processing methods.How to Make Pulp

      According to the processing method, it can be divided into mechanical pulp, chemical pulp and chemical mechanical pulp; It can also be divided into wood pulp, straw pulp, hemp pulp, reed pulp, sugarcane pulp, bamboo pulp, rag pulp, etc.How to Make Pulp

      According to different purity, it can be divided into refined pulp, bleached pulp, unbleached pulp, high-yield pulp, semi chemical pulp, etc. It is usually used to make paper and paperboard.How to Make Pulp

     In addition to making special paper, refined pulp is often used as raw material for cellulose derivatives such as cellulose ester and cellulose ether. It is also used in man-made fiber, plastic, coating, film, gunpowder and other fields.How to Make Pulp

1. Traditional pulping refers to the process of separating plant fiber materials into natural color or bleached pulp by chemical, mechanical or combined methods. The usual processes are crushing, cooking, washing, screening, bleaching, purification and drying of plant fiber materials.How to Make Pulp

2. A new modern biological pulping method was developed. Special strains (white rot fungus, brown rot fungus and soft rot fungus) were used to decompose the lignin structure, and the rest of the cellulose solution was bleached by mechanical or chemical methods. In this process, most organisms decompose and open lignin. Chemical methods are only used as an auxiliary role.How to Make Pulp

     Compared with traditional methods, they are rarely used in chemical products, so you can discharge or discharge less liquid waste. It is an environmentally friendly and clean pulping method.How to Make Pulp

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