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Shrink wrap products used to protect and/or separate structures after a natural disaster (e.g. hurricane) or while repair/disaster recovery efforts are underway. 

Shrink wrap can easily cover an entire building, roof or other specific areas of damage. Premium shrink wrap shrinks “bulge tight” and is much more effective than traditional tarps and sheets. Our durable, weatherproof coverings form a suitable shell to protect the project from further or potential damage.


Roofing repairs shouldn't be tricky.

We can help you learn how to cover your roof; if you’ve ever wondered about alternatives to tarping on your roof project, then you’re in the roof right place. Replace your tarp, which will break down over time, by simply securing it to the roof and shrinking it with a heating tool. 

We have experienced in-house trainers, fully stocked warehouses, professional marketing services and experienced sales staff
Our shrink wrap comes with a 2-year warranty roofing and can be applied to any roof.


Shrink wrap is applied in the roofing same manner as tarps and offers a variety of benefits over products that cannot be customized.

Shrink and weld shrink wrap provides superior roof weather protection in any environment.
High-quality materials are more durable than tarps, which offer a longer-lasting protective layer.
All shrink films have UV inhibitors to prevent UV damage.

Consistent results for a clean, professional look on every project
Flame-retardant shrink wrap that meets or exceeds NFPA 701 guidelines is available.

Determining what you need to roof cover is easy, and applying it is easy when you have experienced trainers to help you. Check out the Shrink Wrap U training course so you can start applying the concepts right away.

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